Thursday, September 20, 2012

Girls Dig Pearls

One of the perks of having your very own clothes/accessories/cosmetics business is you get to try different things. You also don’t need to shop for your own stuff because you can just get everything that doesn’t get sold. The Too Faced Girls Dig Pearls lip glosses and Luster Liners didn’t sell much so I got the leftovers.



Filipinas in general stay away from shimmery makeup. I don’t. I like shimmer and I like color. As you can see, the Girls Dig Pearls gloss is full of shimmer. That’s because it is made with crushed pearls. This shade is Mermaid.

The Luster Liner comes with its own sharpener. The body is made of plastic and the sharpener does a good job of trimming it off.

Left to right: Mermaid, Akoya, Akoya with Mermaid

I use the liner as lipstick. The shade is Akoya, if I'm not mistaken. I have two more of these to feature.

too faced luster liner, bitsandtreats

I love this shade because it’s very close to my natural lip color.

too faced girls dig pearls lip gloss over lip liner swatch, bitsandtreats

This is with the gloss. The gloss has a very strong mint flavor. I love mint but this is really strong so I apply minimally.

I think these have been discontinued by Too Faced but you can still get them from other sources such as Amazon.

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