Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Color My Brows

I’ve only tried 3 products for my brows – Bobbi Brown’s Brow Shaper, MAC’s Girl Boy and Etude House Color My Brows.

etude house color my brows, bitsandtreats

When I really like a product, I tend to find substitutes for it in case it gets out of stock. In this case, I was looking for a substitute for Girl Boy. I found it at Etude House.


I have colored hair so naturally, I have to color my brows. This shade is #2.

color my brows wand, bitsandtreats

If you have black brows, don’t expect them to be that exact shade on the wand. Your brows will just lighten up a bit. Girl Boy is still better for temporarily coloring your brows.


It still works though. It costs around Php300 if I’m not mistaken. Way cheaper than Girl Boy. It lasts a fair amount of time. I’m just not sure if the product inside dries up quickly or the tube is not full. When I first opened this, I had a hard time applying the product to my brows so I had to apply several times. Now it’s just 2-3 times per brow.

If you are looking for a good eye brow shaper that’s affordable, I give this product a thumbs up. Try it!


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