Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Clinique Turnaround Concentrate


This is one moisturizer that I really, really love. I am very careful with my super sensitive face and I’m glad that this worked out for me.

This is a travel sized tube that I recently finished. I used it for quite some time. I don’t use this everyday, only on days when I’m at home. It slowly sloughs off the outer layer of your skin to reveal nicer, healthier skin. You won’t see your face peeling. It’s very gentle.

You only need a small amount for the entire face and neck. No harsh smells and no harsh reactions. I don’t know how much a full sized tube costs. I won’t be buying for a while because I have tons of travel sized tubes. It’s probably around Php1,000+. I think I already made a review of this product so if you want to read that just type in the name in my search box.

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