Monday, September 10, 2012

Watsons Shower Gels

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I’m on a mission to change our shopping and lifestyle habits drastically and that means going out of my comfort zone and discovering new things.

I used to ignore the Watsons line of products thinking that they won’t work or they were mediocre because let’s face it, these types of products are usually cheap but ineffective. The Watsons Shower gels are an exception.

I have a big issue with soaps and shower gels. I end up with rashes and I itch a lot with the wrong soap. The only soaps that work on me so far are Kojie San, Dove Go Fresh Body Wash (not the soap, the soap gives me rashes), Victoria’s Secret Body Washes and Watsons. I was really surprised with Watsons as I was expecting it to give me allergies.

I decided to try this shower gel because it was on BOGO. A bottle regularly costs Php249.75 so I thought to myself, what have I got to lose? I can always give it away if it doesn’t work for me.

Don’t expect this shower gel to moisturize your skin though. I have terribly dry skin and this gel doesn’t make it any better so I always apply lotion after taking a bath. But it’s good for washing as it bubbles up into a nice lather and it smells nice. It leaves a subtle scent on your skin so it won’t interfere with your lotions and perfumes.

I am building up my stockpile for this shower gel. The whole family uses it so my sister hoards this as well. With our own bottles (MB and I), we use up a bottle in two and a half weeks so we need 2 bottles per month. I currently have four. The last time I bought these shower gels were about 2 months ago when they were on BOGO. Now they are on BOGO again plus Watsons is giving away Php50 coupons for Watsons brands products. So yes, I will be buying more.

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  1. will check these out. thanks for the post sis!



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