Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekend Hauls

I’ve been in so much stress for the past month and a half and I promised myself that I would go retail therapy last weekend. So I did.

saizen and etude house hauls, bitsandtreats
Saizen and Etude House hauls

I got a few things from Saizen, Etude House and Watsons. From Saizen, I got the organizers which I will use for my wedding gig this coming weekend. I will also use the coral mat to line the table to prevent my things – brushes, lipsticks, etc. from slipping/rolling. I also got new food bowls for my cats which are not pictured here.

I was originally planning to buy the Gommage scrub from Etude House but got carried away when I saw their new nail products. Good thing I was able to go back only to find out that the Gommage scrub has been out of stock for quite some time now. Anyway, I got an eyeshadow brush, also for the wedding gig, a nude nail polish which is really pretty, a cuticle treatment cream, a nail polish remover (the one in the tube), a top coat and a quick dry serum.

I was intrigued with the nail polish remover that’s why I bought it. The hair clip is a GWP. It’s actually a hair clip and a ballpen in one! I’ve used the nail polish, top coat, quick dry serum and cuticle cream. I will post separate reviews soon.

My therapy is not complete without a visit to Watsons.

watsons haul, bitsandtreats

I got a bath lily set, an eyebrow razor, an eyelash curler for the gig, some foot and leg products and hand creams that were on BOGO. I think I am getting addicted to nail products… I got a few more things like shampoos and conditioners but I didn’t bother photographing them anymore.

I’m still stressed out but at least these pampering products made me feel a bit better. I’m excited for my weekend gig, I’m excited to try out these new products and I’m excited to blog about them!

If you want to know the prices of the products above, just leave a comment below.


  1. I hope to see pics from the wedding gig you'll have. grats girl!



  2. Woah. Haul post every week!

    First time to hear of a nail polish remover in a tube. Was like, "wait, what?" sabay click ng picture.

    1. the hauling will stop na as the wedding gig is done! the nail polish remover was wasteful. I will post a review soon.

  3. shopping is a great stress reliever :D new follower here

    Regards from The Certified Latebloomer

    1. Yes, it is Arya! Thanks and welcome to my blog!



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