Sunday, July 7, 2013

Of Baby Elephants and Minions

From time to time, I will be posting some baby stuff. Don’t worry, this will not turn into a baby blog. This blog is bits and treats after all. I write bits of my life here and there and the treats refer to the treats I give myself and receive from friends and family. We have a new member in the family that will be receiving those treats. He already got some:


When I was pregnant, my baby asked his Mama A for a baby elephant. Don’t ask how he asked. He just wanted one. So my best friend A immediately got him this huge baby elephant. Thank you Mama A!

By the way, my son will refer to all his aunts and uncles as mama and papa. We call our aunts and uncles in the province the same way. I just feel that it makes the relationship better. The kids learn to love and respect their aunts and uncles the same way they do their parents while the aunts and uncles treat them as their own kids. They discipline them when needed or make important decisions when the parents are not around. My biological father left us when I was 5 and I never felt his absence because I had a lot of better dads surrounding me. They are still a guiding force in my life today. I want my son to have the same presence in his life. Although my husband and I are together, I believe that he will be a better person because of this support group.

Moving on. Last Saturday night, cousin C (known as Mama Chat) dropped by our house to give this to the baby:


It was a very sweet gesture. She does not have much money but she still remembered to give something. Thank you Mama Chat!

Finally, mom went crazy collecting these:


Back when I was pregnant, I wanted to buy the stuffed minions at Clipper but I didn’t like the quality. I guess these will suffice for now. I didn’t open the packaging because these are for my son. Thanks mom! She got the last pieces in Quezon City and we live in Makati! I guess moms will do anything for their kids or in this case, grandchild.

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