Thursday, July 25, 2013



This is the second bottle of body wash from my Bath and Body Works haul. If you can remember, I didn’t like the first one.  You’ll be able to find that review in the archives if you haven’t read that yet.

I like this one. It smells sweet, too sweet in fact but I like it. It reminds me of my Victoria’s Secret Body Wash. I am not a huge fan of sweet scents but I guess I got used to it because of my VS stash. But my tolerance for sweet scents will remain in the bath department. I still go for citrusy scents when it comes to perfume.

Anyway, what I really like about this is I only need a small amount to make a good lather. It’s super tipid! I’ve been wondering why MB’s bottle still had a lot of product left even after more than 2 weeks of usage. Now I know why.

I also like the fact that the product itself does not feel/look cheap. There are a few body washes out there that are too thick or feel cheap, like they were produced in a hurry so the texture and consistency are not right.

I like pump bottles better but this packaging works for me too as the bottle is not so heavy so I won’t have a hard time applying the body wash to my bath lily.

As for the price, I got this on sale so I have no complaints.

It says on the label that it has a moisturizing effect. I’ve been using this for over a week and I have yet to see that. My skin is still super dry. The TBS mango soap beats this body wash in that department.

Will I repurchase more BBW products in the future? Definitely!

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