Sunday, July 21, 2013


A lot has happened during the past 2 days. We took our son to the doctor last Friday because he threw up a few times. The doctor ordered a barrage of tests to rule out an infection. If you haven’t read that post yet, I had an emergency CS because my water bag leaked. My son swallowed a lot of meconium but thankfully the doctors were able to take it all out before reaching his lungs. Although he was discharged from the hospital, the doctor is still concerned about infections so my son was put on antibiotics even when we took him home.

Anyway, we’ve been going in and out of the hospital to make sure that he is okay. His first labs were okay aside from a low platelet count which concerned his doctor so she ordered another CBC. On his first CBC, the med techs had a hard time drawing blood. It was painful to watch my son go through all that. They finally called a pediatrician to do it and she was able to draw a lot of blood without much difficulty. My mom couldn’t take my son’s crying so she went out of the lab and cried. I didn’t know that she was crying at that time. Maybe that was when she offered to buy me some water. I wanted to cry too but I needed to stay calm, focused and strong for my son. So I didn’t. We held hands throughout his ordeal. My mom is a very strong woman and when I was little and got sick, I never saw her cry. She is one tough cookie but I guess grandkids have a way of breaking their grandparents’ heart.
We got the results of the other CBC last night and thank God everything was normal! (This time around, I asked my husband to take him to the lab as I couldn’t go through all that again). As a matter of fact, the ER doctor said that his stats were actually great! So yes, we are all very thankful that we made it through unscathed and that my son is healthy. The doctor thinks he may have had a viral infection that we were unaware of. He didn’t have any fever, rashes, etc. He feeds ravenously (like he is always starving or like he has not had a meal in days), has a lot of wet/dirty diapers, sleeps well and plays when he is awake so there was really no sign of him getting sick. The ER doctors feel that he is overfed or he is not burped enough (considering the amount of breast milk that he drinks) that is why he vomited. He is very well now, actually he is sleeping on my lap as I type this.

On other things to be thankful for, mom got these for the little one:



Spit ups are no longer a problem!


My son has a “Moo Bank”. Now he has this “Ducky Bank” from mom. My husband keeps saying that the Moo Bank is a daddy-baby joint venture and this is their next investment. The thing is, he rarely makes an “investment” in the Moo Bank and he claims to share profits with my son. It’s an ongoing joke in the family as my cousin and my mom put in significant “investments” in my son’s coin bank as well and my husband usually gets some coins when he does not have change for transportation or for buying small things.

Cousin C got back from her gig with my sister in Apayao. She went shopping last Friday and got the little one these:


I’m a very practical person and I love receiving practical gifts. Heck, give me a month’s supply of boxed tissues and I’d be happy. So, we are really loving her gifts. Actually, mom has been supplying us with diapers and baby wipes. She’s hoarding them like crazy from Landmark plus my best friend M gave us 3 packs when she visited us in the hospital. We haven’t bought diapers with our own money except for 2 packs maybe before I gave birth.

This is a very long post and if you made it up to here, thank you to you too! I will be posting some regular beauty stuff next.

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