Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Baby Shopping

It seems that there is no end to our baby shopping…


More house clothes because the ones that we have don’t fit him anymore.


I like these blankets. They’re affordable but of good quality. They also don’t absorb spit ups easily so I have time to wipe them off before the blankets get soaked.





These are all very affordable clothes. I don’t want to buy him expensive clothes because he grows bigger each day and so we have to buy new clothes almost every week.


I think I already bought all the designs of bibs for boys at SM. I need more!


I told cousin C I wouldn’t buy him any more socks but the ones that we have here are a bit tight on his ankles already.

One day while we were out shopping, I told my mom that motherhood really changes you. Instead of buying for myself, I buy stuff for him. Don’t worry, I still find time (and the money) to buy stuff for myself so watch out for the new goodies that I bought.

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