Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mega Shopping

Yesterday, Cousin C and I went to the mall to do some baby shopping. The original plan was to stick to SM and buy everything from there. Well, I guess plans are made to be broken.

Here’s what we got for the little one:


Some wash cloths and a latex pillow. My son spits up a lot so he needs to sleep on an angle. He was already using the pillow when we took photos of our haul.


Some blankets that we use to cover his “bed”. This is his bed by the way, courtesy of Dad:


It’s’ also inclined to prevent him from throwing up a lot.



Some home clothes because he is growing up so fast. It’s crazy how his current clothes don’t fit him anymore.



Some going out clothes for his next doctor’s appointment.


Bibs to keep his clothes clean. It’s crazy how many times we change him during the day.


More bottles because he feeds a lot, well just until I can breastfeed him again.


Finally, I got him this rocker. We need to entertain the little one to prevent him from getting bored. He is awake most of the time now. This is also a good alternative to carrying him as he is getting heavier. 

Not in the photo are gifts we bought for our god children back in the province.

Moving on to Watsons, I bought boxed tissues and cotton pads to last us a month. I also got this:


Need something for my DIY spa treatment at home.


I spied this body brush from another customer’s haul so I asked cousin C to look for it. I’m excited to use this!


Our current Fix wax was discontinued around 3 or 4 years ago. When the SA told me that, I bought all the stocks in the boutique so yeah, it’s only now that the last tub is running out. I had to buy a replacement as MB needs it and I don’t want it to run out in the middle of the week especially now that I can’t go out as I please.

We also got a few more things and my total qualified for the GWP:



which cousin C is now using….

There were other boring stuff in the basket which I won’t enumerate.

We went home after this haul. Back at home, mom asked C if she wanted to go to S&R.  I wanted to go too so I asked permission from my husband. He said yes so off I went happily with them. I got these:


I like buying stuff for the house. This one was on BOGO. My husband breaks pitchers like it’s no one’s business so we go through a lot in a span of one year. So every time there is a sale or special promo such as a BOGO, I immediately buy some.


I got this jumbo-sized Dove shampoo and conditioner to hopefully last me a lifetime… well, at least for a good 3 months or so.


Big bottles of shampoo for MB. Now these will probably last him a lifetime provided my sister does not use them. LOLZ…


Finally, some Crest toothpaste. Yeah, I love me some Crest. I also got a few other boring things and a week’s supply of Dr. Edward’s for my little one.

We went to a Shakey’s branch near our house after this trip and had dinner with my sister and our family friend who has been very kind to drive us around town ever since I got pregnant.  Thank you Papa A for making the last shopping trip possible and for keeping me company while I waited for mom and Cousin C to finish.

Can you tell I had so much fun?

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