Friday, August 30, 2013

Malaysia Haul 2

Please bear with me if I am not updating this blog regularly. I have been very busy. I can only do one blog post a day. If I am not updating this blog, I am updating my food blog.  So if you are a foodie, please have a look at my site.
Continuing my Malaysia Haul:

Socks for the hubby

Shirt for me



I’ve been living in shirts and shorts for the past few weeks now because those are the only clothes that fit me (aside from a few dresses)!


I needed another bag for my hand carry stuff but I ended up checking this in as well. I love the print on this. Plus, I love PUMA bags as they are durable. I have another bag that I bought in Singapore a couple of years ago and it’s still in great condition! It’s funny, I only buy PUMA stuff when I’m abroad..


Finally found this variant!

 and it comes with a good-sized freebie too!

I’m positive we won’t be buying shower gels for the rest of the year with this haul!


I bought so much stuff, I needed to buy another luggage! This is Pierre Cardin. Love that it was on sale.  Love the color too!


When we went there, I only had 2 bags. One, my trusty Aranaz bag and two, my Delsey luggage. I went home with 4!

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