Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Asian Secrets

I saw this tub of Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub in Beauty by SM last July and I was intrigued. I was drawn to the green and purple packaging (one of my favorite color combinations!) plus it really stood out among the sea of body scrubs and body washes on the shelf.

lulur whitening body scrub, by bitsandtreats Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub

I got one tub and read the label. Apparently, it’s used by Indonesian brides-to-be. Okay, that’s a good sign. But what about the price? I turned the tub around and saw Php80! Yipes! I gotta try this! And so I did.

asian secrets lulur whitening body scrub, by bitsandtreats

Fast forward to the present, (about 1 1/2 months later), I already hit pan but I still have about a few teaspoonsful of the product. Here are my thoughts.

I like the light and creamy consistency of this body scrub. I also love the fact that the beads are not too rough. They’re actually quite gentle and actually not painful even when I scrub hard. The scent is lovely although I’m not too crazy about jasmine/sampaguita scents. I like the scent better after taking a bath. The scent lingers on the skin for hours and if you have a perfume that complements the scent, well go ahead and layer! You will get addicted to smelling your skin every now and then.

You can use this on dry or damp skin. When I use this as a whole body scrub, I alternate between dry and damp. It works both ways although if you’re used to scrubbing your skin wet, you’ll find it a bit weird when you use this on dry skin. Don’t worry though. It will feel ‘normal’ after a few minutes. I have to use more product for dry skin so more often than not, I use this wet. For everyday scrubs on rough and darker areas such as the elbows and knees, I use this on wet skin.

On my first couple of weeks, I only used this scrub twice a week. I was scared that it might give me allergies. Fortunately, it didn’t so from then on, I used this twice a week for full body scrubs and everyday for small area scrubs. I didn’t notice the lightening effect on the first couple of weeks but I did see the results when I used the Lulur scrub everyday. I can definitely say that my elbows and knees are lighter, softer and smoother. After regular use on the rest of my body, I noticed that my skin is softer. I have uber dry skin so I can still draw a white line but it fades faster now, unlike before, the white line just lingers until I put lotion over it. You have to use this product regularly though to sustain the lightening/whitening effect. I noticed that whenever I forget to use this, my skin gets a shade darker after about 2 days.

Some scrubs (especially whitening ones) can be pretty harsh and cause stinging on sensitive areas such as the neck, underarms, the insides of the elbow, the back of the knees, etc but this scrub doesn’t cause any stinging at all. You all know how sensitive my skin is and I have no problems with this scrub even  though I use it everyday. No stinging and itchiness afterwards.

This scrub is very easy to rinse off but there are times when a few beads stick to my hair. That’s okay compared to the other body scrubs that I’ve tried. The beads don’t stick as much. The beads get trapped on my nape and the hair there and behind my ears so I need to give extra attention when rinsing those parts. I have curly hair so the beads really get trapped.

Before I forget, for full body scrubs, I don’t use a body wash anymore. This scrub effectively removes dirt. For small area scrubs, I use a body wash first then rinse then scrub. In my opinion, this is a wonderful and luxurious scrub for the legs and thighs,

The Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub is available in Beauty by SM and costs Php80 and Php130. I will definitely buy the bigger tub after I make simot the remaining product. This is a very affordable but wonderful addition to my beauty and cleansing regimen.


  1. This seems interesting! I used to like Strip It's whitening body scrub, but I was disappointed after getting a big tub. The granules are so minimal, I didn't feel clean after.. So different from the small tub I purchased previously =(

    Might buy this one next :)

  2. Hi Peachy Pink Sisters! Try the small tub first to see if it works for you. The beads are okay but not as much as say for example, St. Ives Apricot Scrub. They are not as compact but they are bigger and gentler.

  3. I will buy this! ASAP! hehehe.



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