Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Of Busy Days and Light Toners

I soooo miss blogging! I’ve been very busy since last week and I expect to have a ton of work ahead of me so please bear with me if I get a little late on my posts.

I’ve been putting off reviewing this product because first, I needed at least a month to test it out and second, I just didn’t feel that it was the right time to blog about it. Now that I’m so busy, I appreciate this product even better and I can say that I can really see how effective this product is.

I swore never to use toners again but after so many years of doing it everyday for my beauty regimen, I couldn’t help but go back on my word. My face just doesn’t feel the same without a swipe of toner.

nivea visage refreshing toner, by bitsandtreats Nivea Visage Refreshing Toner

I was drawn to this toner because of its see-through packaging. I like seeing how toners look. It’s a quirk of mine. Plus, the whole look just makes me feel like it’s such a very light, very cool and of course, refreshing toner. It makes me want to believe that it will really refresh my skin.

I have sensitive skin but I only saw this normal to combination skin variant so I got it. Anyway, it’s just a cleansing toner so I thought that there’s no harm in trying it.

On the first couple of weeks, I didn’t notice any difference. I actually felt a little bit itchy after I applied the toner. But now, after one month, I can truly say that my face feels cleaner and lighter. I say lighter because there’s less oil and it just feels really light, like my pores got unclogged or something. I’ve noticed that I get lesser breakouts and pimples even when I’m going to have my period. I usually get at least 3 pop out on my cheek when it’s almost time but this month, only one popped out and it healed quite fast. I guess my combination of facial care products also helped a lot. No more nasty rashes!

Being up late and stressed out also makes my skin breakout. So far, I haven’t had a single zit since my period and I’ve been pretty stressed lately.

The scent is mild, as with all Nivea products that I’ve tried. The scent is very close to the that of their moisturizer.

To quote Nivea, “The cleansing formula respects the skin’s natural moisture balance while keeping skin fresh and supple all day long.” I absolutely agree. I apply this with a cotton pad and afterwards, I can see that it’s not as “dirty” as with other toners that I’ve tried. I read an article that says the “dirt” that we see on the cotton pad is actually oil because facial washes no longer leave any residue so the toner just gets all the oil. And sometimes that can be bad. I think, what this Nivea Visage toner does is it takes out the extra oil and the deep seated dirt because my face doesn’t feel tight afterwards. It leaves my face with the necessary amount of oil. With other toners, Eskinol for example, my face feels tight and dry then afterwards, my face gets so oily. With Nivea, I don’t get that feeling thus my face doesn’t go on overdrive in producing oils to maintain its elasticity.

I only use this in the morning for my after-bath ritual but I’ve seen and felt the difference in one month. I’m going to try the other Nivea toners when I finish this. In my opinion, this is a great buy and a really good way to gently clean my face.

The Nivea Visage Refreshing Toner costs less than Php200 and is available at your favorite beauty station.

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