Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Estee Lauder Experience

Here are my thoughts on my Estee Lauder experience.

First, the invitation and the contact person. Ms. Liz was very accommodating and very patient in answering my questions. She has the initiative to ask if I wanted PR’s about their products. She was very nice and the follow ups were greatly appreciated.

Now we go to the event itself. I didn’t expect one of the SA’s to be a bit of a snob. That was the first time I’ve experienced something like that at the Estee Lauder counter in Rustan’s. I always drop by there to see if the new products from abroad are already there and most SA’s I’ve encountered were quite cheerful and pleasant, always smiling even if I’m not going to purchase. For that particular SA, it’s okay though. I’ve encountered worse.

I was impressed with their products and services, especially the personalized services which are translated into Chinese, Korean and Japanese. I was even more impressed with Minette’s product knowledge. Apparently, they undergo training every 6 months. Hear that beauty consultants? Every 6 months and not just once. That’s how you get to be so articulate and so skilled and not like the other SA’s from other brands who are clueless about the products they’re selling.

personalized services from estee lauder, by bitsandtreats Talk about customer service

Another thing that gave Estee Lauder an edge is their iMatch service. There may be other brands out there who help you determine your correct shade or help you figure out the colors that are most flattering on your skin tone but this simple tool is absolutely a great idea.

estee lauder imatch shade finder, by bitsandtreats

You actually get your perfect shade without the SA second guessing. Just see which shade disappears on your skin and voila, you’ve got the perfect foundation!! And after that, you also get a swatch of all the lip and cheek colors that match you perfectly.

lips and cheeks cool swatch, by bitsandtreats

lips and cheeks and eyes swatches, by bitsandtreats

warm eyes swatch, by bitsandtreats

I’m also glad that they’re not stingy with their techniques. Minette taught me simple techniques that really work. I’ve been using those techniques since Sunday and I’ve noticed that makeup lasts longer and I look more put together.

The people in Estee Lauder are quite an attractive, accommodating and very lovely bunch. They’re always smiling and they don’t judge you for what you’re wearing. Oh, except for “that girl”. There were many instances when I’ve taken my business elsewhere just because a sales attendant gives me a one-over (looks at you from head to foot) then leaves looking annoyed.

The gift, on the other hand, was put together nicely, was well thought out and was very generous. I’ve said this several times before but don’t you just hate it when companies give away samples that last for only 1-2 applications? How in the world are you going to see the effects? Estee Lauder gave me trial/full sized versions of their different products. The gift deserves its own post so I won’t be talking too much about that anymore.

Finally, the makeup and skin care. I did break out into a few rashes a few minutes after application. They quickly disappeared when I washed my face that night. Guess my face needs a lot of getting used to this brand. The lipstick didn’t last that long especially while we ate. I understand that this is not a long lasting lipstick but there are cheaper brands out there that are not long lasting but stay put even when I eat.

The foundation was a perfect match for my skin but I got a comment from my mom only yesterday that I looked dark in that foundation. So, my acidity kicked in. Perhaps Minette forgot about that tiny detail. Of course, I won’t be able to vouch for the effectiveness of the skin care line as it was only applied once on my face.

They employ very good hygiene practices when handling makeup and tools. They sanitize each tool before using on a client. They also use disposable stuff when needed. I don’t like trying on makeup from counters because of the “eeeeww” factor. With Estee Lauder, I felt safe.

Overall, I’d give my experience a 4 out of 5 stars. It’s not perfect because MB forgot to get our cupcakes and he was sulking throughout our time in the mall. = ) 

estee lauder cupcakes, by bitsandtreats

Stay tuned for a mini tour of the Estee Lauder counter plus a sneak peek of the October Blockbuster.

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