Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Great Finds For Your Laptop

This is probably one of my best buys for my laptop:

cd-r king laptop in bed table, by bitsandtreats CD-R Laptop Table

Please excuse the blurry pic.

Now I can have breakfast in bed and have my laptop too! I asked MB to buy this for me for days when I am bed-ridden. It’s especially useful now that I spend a lot of time  working in bed. The part where the laptop is on, rises, making the laptop incline. I prefer it flat. That’s a built in mouse pad. Meanwhile, you can put your drinks on the upper portion and the table also has a built in fan and USB plug. I don’t use the fan because I have 2 fans on when I’m working in bed. Plus, I think that it’s such a fuss. The legs can be adjusted too to make the table higher. It’s very easy to store as it folds up like a book. Really cool, I tell you. If you like working in bed, this is a must-have. It costs Php680 at CD-R King. I also use this when I have to eat lunch or dinner in bed so that’s cool too. This can only handle up to 15” laptops though. Anything bigger than that then the table might collapse. Good thing Coco is light and slim!

This next one is pretty common but I believe this is a good buy for the price of Php150.

screen and keyboard cleaner Screen and Keyboard Cleaner from Electroworld

We scoured Parksquare for a good cleaner that’s affordable and I really couldn’t believe the prices of other brands out there! This is the cheapest so we got this. It does its job well plus it has 2 chamois, a spray cleaner and a brush for the keyboard. Not bad for Php150. Bought this in July.

How about you? How do you take care of your laptop?


  1. I have that too but got mine in a bookstore in my hometown. I love it its very useful but i get stuck in bed most of the time! =)

  2. being stuck in bed is not such a bad thing in my book! haha!

  3. Oh I want the CD-R Laptop table too! ;)

  4. @Lady Mitchelli It's a very well spent Php680 indeed!



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