Monday, September 6, 2010

Sun Guard

I never liked sunblocks. They’re heavy and sticky and I just don’t like the feeling. But the reality is, I’m getting older and I’ve been noticing some sun/age spots on my face. So, I have no choice but to use a sunscreen.

I wanted to buy the Neutrogena sunblock but it’s too pricey for me. I wanted a good, cheaper alternative so that if ever it doesn’t work out, then I’ll have no regrets giving it away. That led me to purchasing this:

etude house super aqua sun guard, by bitsandtreats Etude House Super Aqua Sun Guard

I don’t know why it’s called Super Aqua but maybe it has something to do with the light consistency. It’s like a very light moisturizer or makeup base. If you’re familiar with The Face Shop’s makeup base, then that’s exactly it.

The product is a shade of green (probably because it has seaweed extracts) and some people say that it leaves a white cast on the face. I have no problems with that as I am acidic and I allow this to be fully absorbed by my skin before applying makeup.

I was really scared the first time I applied this. I thought I would break out but thankfully, I didn’t. It itched on the first couple of days but not enough to cause rashes or redness. I think Teresa of Jurlique is right when she said that any new product, when applied the first time on our face, makes the face react.

I’ve been using this since the first week of July and I’m happy with it. It works well with my Garnier moisturizer. It also doesn't make my makeup run or smudge or crease. The spots on my face have stopped growing and multiplying. It doesn’t make my skin oily nor shiny. The scent is also nice and mild. Because of the protection, my face is now more even toned.

Now, because I’m a newbie at this, I did some research that I think will be quite useful to you too. I will try to make this sound as simple and less boring as possible because you need to know these things.

The SPF is for the UVB protection. For example, if you can only stay out in the sun for 10 minutes until you burn, an SPF35 will allow you to stay out 35 times longer i.e. 35 x 10 = 350 minutes. The PA++ on the packaging is for the UVA protection. PA stands for Protection grade of UVA.
  • PA+ protects sensitive skin against low to medium UV radiation
  • PA++ offers better protection from UVA rays and can be used by people with normal skin exposed to medium UV radiation
  • PA+++ is the strongest grade of UVA protection now available. It is designed for normal skin under very strong or direct UV radiation.

This Super Aqua Sun Guard is SPF 35 PA++ so I guess I’m well protected. Besides, I spend most of my time in the office or at home so no worries. I don’t think I need a higher SPF sunscreen.

The Etude House Super Aqua Sun Guard costs Php298 and is available at Etude House branches and Beauty by SM Makati.

If my budget permits, I will try the Neutrogena sunscreen. If not, I’ll purchase this again. What’s your favorite sunscreen? Share!

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