Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Something For The Cat Lover

I wandered around Saizen Trinoma and found a few things that I think are useful and pretty. Here are two of the useful things:

saizen pet sheet, by bitsandtreats Pet Sheet

saizen carpet style scratch pad, by bitsandtreats
Cat Scratch Pad, Carpet Style

My cats like climbing up the bed and playing and then eventually sleeping there. It’s okay if they just had a bath but most of the time, MB scolds them. The pet sheets help a lot. Now my kitties can sleep on the bed without MB getting mad. One pack contains 6 sheets and costs Php85.

The Cat Scratch Pad was a total hit! It contained some silverine powder (which I think is catnip because I can’t find a definition of silverine anywhere) that you sprinkle on the pad. My cats were totally addicted to it! It was funny watching them go gaga over it. It’s like they’re high on drugs. = )  They’re now ignoring this because there is no longer any powder left. This also costs Php85 at Saizen. I’ll try the Board Style next time.

Stay tuned for the ‘pretty finds’.


  1. Great post, thanks for the find, Will head to Saizen and buy the scratch thingie XD.

  2. see: silver vine; aka "actinidia polygrama"; a plant-based popular pet treat.



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