Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Marionnaud Brushes!

I love Marionnaud brushes! They’re very affordable and in my opinion, they’re very useful and perform really well.
marionnaud brushes, by bitsandtreats Marionnaud Assorted Brushes with case

I bought these three brushes when they were on sale, sometime in July. I got them for around Php40 each!!! Even now, almost 2 months after, I still smile every time I pick up any of these brushes because I remember that great bargain!

marionnaud brushes, by bitsandtreats Marionnaud Eye Shadow Brush, Pointed Eye Shadow Brush, Spoolie with Slanted Brush

Let’s examine them one by one. First, the eye shadow brush:

marionnaud n 35 yeux eye shadow brush, by bitsandtreats Marionnaud N35 Yeux Brush

I don’t use this brush that often especially when I’m in a hurry because the head is smaller compared to my other e/s brushes. But, it’s very useful for more precise application or if you have monolids. Because of the small head, you can control the amount and coverage area of the shadow. You can create lids if and when needed.

marionnaud n 35 yeux eye shadow brush head, by bitsandtreats Close-up

The only thing I don’t like about this brush is the e/s sticks to it like glue. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the primer but I don’t experience this with my other brushes. It’s also hard to clean because of that.

Next is the Pointed Eye Shadow Brush:

marionnaud pointed eyeshadow brush, by bitsandtreats Marionnaud Pointed Eye Shadow Brush

I use this brush for the inner corners of my eyes or when I want to layer colors on the outer V of my eyes. Because of the pointed tip, I get to create very precise lines. It’s very seldom that I use this because I just keep forgetting that I have it!

pointed marionnaud eyeshadow brush head, by bitsandtreats 
This is easier to wash than the eye shadow brush above.

Lastly, and my favorite among the three:

marionnaud spoolie and slanted brush, by bitsandtreats Marionnaud Spoolie and Slanted Brush

I use this every single day to groom my eyebrows. The spoolie is the right texture – soft but firm. The slanted brush is the same too. It’s not too soft and it’s firm and stable enough to line my eyebrows. This brush combo is also very easy to clean. The slanted brush comes with a brush guard.

marionnaud slanted brush close up, by bitsandtreats

close up of marionnaud spoolie, by bitsandtreats

All the brushes are very soft, not scratchy at all. They bled on the first few washes but stopped soon enough. They don’t shed. These are definitely great buys. If you’re starting out on makeup, I recommend getting these brushes. Next,  I’m going to buy the kabuki brush for my mom.

Marionnaud brushes are available at Watsons and Beauty by SM. Prices start at Php69.75.


  1. Great post, I'll but the one with the spoolie, thanks for posting. ^_^

  2. will buy this one for sure!
    thanks for the review...
    i really like the way you review things hehe :)

  3. I should check these brushes out. Been hearing lots of good things about them! Hahaa



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