Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I didn’t have high hopes for this product. I purchased it on a whim. Saw it on the counter while paying for my stuff and decided, what the heck. So I got it. I never thought it would work wonders.

Exhibit A:

exhibit a, by bitsandtreats
Stubborn pimple that pops out on the exact same spot during that time of the month

Exhibit B: The morning after

the morning after 1, by bitsandtreats


the morning after 2, by bitsandtreats

On day two it was dry and flat and did not recur. It usually does but this time, it was gone for good.

So what is this miracle cure?

bench clearpore acnedot, by bitsandtreats

bench acnedot, by bitsandtreats

And it’s only Php22! Need I say more?


  1. will definitely purchase tomorrow!!! :) i have a super super ugly and stubborn pimple that i just can't get rid of... may pus pa.. :( ang super laki! :(

    thank you sooo much lady e. :)

  2. You're welcome Pee.pee! Actually, I remembered you when I purchased the acnedot that's why I posted it immediately! Hope it works wonders for you too!

    MB used it the other day and when I peeled it in the morning, his pimple was dry and the skin around it was peeling.

  3. Hi! can i ask what are you usually using to treat pimples? Hihi.

    I love your blog, by the way :D

  4. Hi rainbownailpolish02! Thank you! Before, I used Eskinol's overnight pimple gel then switched to Garnier's spot corrector and now this acnedot from Bench. Among the three, Acnedot worked the best on my skin.

  5. yeah galing ng acnedot:))) works good kahit for us male...thank you:)

  6. Hi Anonymous! Yeah, it's the best I've tried so far!

  7. This always catches my eye whenever I go to Bench to buy either a fragrance or a nose pore tape. I have a pimple on my face right now so.. I'm going to Bench tomorrow after church and buy this one! Thanks for the tip! :))



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