Thursday, December 2, 2010

NOTD: Mermaid Nails

The title was inspired by Kitten’s comment on an earlier NOTD post.

mermaid nails, by bitsandtreats

After application, mermaid tails immediately entered my mind. I think it lacks sparkles though. I used my Beauty & Love nail polish for this.


  1. Ariel is that you?

    Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? hehehehe.

    I dunno, but this color reminds me of the little mermaid. LOVE!

  2. while on my case, it reminds me of our United Nations Week during grade school days. lovely. it's really cool to the eyes.

  3. ibang level talaga ung analogy ni cafemobility! but come to think of it, yan ang kulay ng gown ko nung MS. UN ako! hahahahah!

  4. see? that azure blue color connects us both to UN. you being a pageant titlist and me just a flag bearer. :)

    why don't you post all your pageantry winnings at FB so we can see it. :)

  5. eeeew, kakahiya! that was just one time and it was not a contest. sapilitan un.



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