Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Purple Eye Liner and EOTD Photo Attempt

I bought this Nichido Girls Night Out Purple eye liner in July. I made several attempts to take a photo of an EOTD but failed. This latest is not an exemption but it looks a bit better.  At least I can see the colors now.

nichido girls night out eye liners, by bitsandtreats

eotd purple nichido eye liner, by bitsandtreats

eotd purple nichido eye liner with face shop eye shadow, by bitsandtreats

purple and blue eotd with nichido purple eye liner, by bitsandtreats

It’s supposed to be a deep blue, pink and violet look but the colors are all washed out. The base is pink, the e/s from The Face Shop then the crease is violet with the outer v in deep blue. But in the photo it just looks all lavender. Also, the eye liner is a bit thicker than that. (My room is very bright in the morning.)

purple and blue eotd, by bitsandtreats

I think I shouldn’t do EOTD photos in daylight. This one was taken in July, one night when I was playing with my eye shadow palette with a look that I saw in a magazine:

sparkly notd with nichido purple eye liner, by bitsandtreats

This, on the other hand, is all shades of purple.

The Nichido eye liner is very affordable at 80 pesos. It doesn’t last the whole day but it will do for me especially if I’m just hanging out at the mall.  I experience some itching when I don’t take this off immediately when I get home. It smudges a bit so I guess I would advise against it if you have oily lids. But, if you can find a good primer then I suggest you go for it. Sometimes when I accidentally rub my eyes, I panic and look for a mirror because I might have drawn a purple line somewhere on my face. = )

I have other shades of the Nichido Girls Night Out eye liners. I hope I can make them work as they are very light. I have trouble seeing them on my lids, what more on cam. I wanted to buy all the colors but after a few months of using them, I decided not to. I want to venture into gel liner territory just because they last longer and are waterproof.


  1. Was sick yesterday, but I read this. WOOT! Nakapag EOTD narin siya!

    Inggit ako sa lashes mo ang haba, as for the color veryyy nice, LOVE!

  2. thanks kitten! I'm attempting to make an EOTD at night and hopefully I can capture the real colors! I bought a bunch of palettes and I can't wait to play with them.

    I was about to say na magic ng mascara un but when I scrolled down the last photo, I realized that I didn't have any mascara in that photo. I guess I have long lashes. = )

  3. Halata naman pag naka fake lashes or mascara, your's is long naturally. Inggit ako, I used to have long lashes too but naputol nung naputukan ako ng balloon sa face when I was a kid.



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