Friday, December 3, 2010

DIY Hair Magic

Oh how I love DIY hair treatments! It’s affordable, effective and there are no annoying attendants telling you that you should do this and that treatment and buy this and that product because your hair “needs” it.

During normal days and summer, my skin is dry. So when it’s cold, imagine how my skin looks like. My scalp, unfortunately, is not spared from this “dry spell”.  I was very happy when I found this at Watsons:

purederm heat activated scalp and hair mask, by bitsandtreats

It costs between 69.75-89.75 pesos. Sorry, it didn’t have a price tag and I threw the receipt away.

Promises, promises:

purederm tea tree heat activated hair and scalp mask, by bitsandtreats

  • Recharges scalp & hair
  • Has tea tree and vitamin E
The tea tree part got me. I immediately put it in my basket. Now with this product, I had high hopes. I’m glad it didn’t disappoint.

It’s my first time to use a heat activated product. I was really surprised because the moment I touched the product, it became hot. I made the mistake of rubbing too vigorously and almost burned my hand. It’s that hot! So warning, rub gently and slowly until you reach your desired temperature. It stayed hot/warm on my hair for a few minutes. It was warm the whole time it was on my scalp. 

I used up the whole pack. Apply the product like how salon attendants would. Massage your scalp too for an extra treat and full on relaxation!

I actually felt like I was having a hot oil treatment in the comforts of our own bathroom. Too bad I forgot to wear a cap. Nevertheless, it did what it’s supposed to do.

It smelled of tea tree oil and I’m glad that it didn’t give me any allergies. I had a hard time rinsing it off. And when it finally came off, my hair felt weird, like my hair is wrapped in something. I can’t quite figure out what it feels like exactly but it felt weird. But to be clear, it didn’t ruin my hair. I primarily purchased this product to soothe my dry and itchy scalp. The shine, softness and hair manageability were just bonuses. The nice hair lasted for about 3 days. Not bad for something that costs less than a hundred bucks.

I will buy again!


  1. speaking of hair, do you guys stick to one hairstylist only? or you venture different hands and various styles.

  2. all my stylists, as with all my best mentors tend to leave me. haha! they always get promoted so I have no choice but to try other hands. when i was a kid, i had short hair so when I was given free reign of my hair, I had it long in high school, layered in college. when my polymyositis was first diagnosed, i did some research and they all said that someone who has PM will have a hard time brushing their hair because the arms will weaken. Since I'm not fond (too lazy) of combing my hair every now and then and to get ready for that possibility, I opted for curls. Now I just fix my hair in the morning and leave it.

  3. curly hair... that's so sultry, hahaha.

    so partida palang yan, hindi pa sinuklay buhok mo sa ganda mong yan, ha. :)

  4. John, *speechless* I don't know how to react. thank you!



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