Sunday, December 26, 2010


How are your holidays so far? Mine has been a whirlwind of events, shopping trips and hectic organization. We decided to do some minor home improvements and that involved some major general cleaning. The reason for this is we hosted the family Christmas lunch. If you’re a follower of my food blog, you’d know that I was really planning this.

About 5 days before Christmas, I caught the bug which my sister got from one of her observation stints in a SPED school so we were both sick. I am still nursing a cough to this day. Unfortunately, MB also got it from me so now MB is in bed with a slight fever, colds and cough. I think one of the reasons we got sick is because we’ve been very exhausted for the past two weeks (making our immune system drop), frantically buying gifts and arranging the house. We bought a few furniture and so we had to switch around a few things in the house and throw out a lot of garbage and old stuff. It also constantly rained and there was a scarcity of cabs and so there were a lot of times when we got wet. The umbrella didn’t matter anymore because our hands were too full to even open one. Tired + wet + lack of sleep + lack of healthy food to eat = SICK

The Christmas lunch was not perfect but it was fun nonetheless. I’ll write more about that in 240 baons.

As for myself, I was able to cross out a few on my Christmas wish list which I will be posting soon. Today is a quiet afternoon that’s why I am able to write. No more cooking (well, maybe later for dinner), heavy lifting, re-arranging and stuff like that. There are still a few things lying on the floor in my room and in the (new) home office in the hall but I’m glad that these are only minor things that need to be dealt with. I can just do them in batches. I am only trying out this new table that we bought for my room. We gave up our big office table and decided to buy a smaller one fit for two. Our table before was big enough to accommodate two PC’s. Now, it looks like a coffee table, big enough to fit 2 laptops but small enough to allow more space in the room. The chairs are also quite comfy. My cousin commented that my room now looks like an internet café. I don’t know about that. I just know that this table is perfect.  And a few more nips and tucks, my room will be perfect.

I wrote a list of topics and products that I will be posting and boy was I surprised! I reached number 35! I have quite a load of backlog posts! I’m still trying to breathe. Slowly, I’m going back to my old pace. Hopefully I’ll be back blogging in no time.

Just to get you and I going, here’s a glimpse of things to come:

1. I will be introducing you to Madison, my new Acer netbook.
2. Maybelline product reviews
3. My favorite hangout/gift trove during the holiday rush
4. NOTD’s
5. EOTD’s
6. A shoe post
7. more beauty reviews
and a whole lot of different tips and tricks for working kikay girls on a budget!

Enjoy the holidays everyone!



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