Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Among all makeup types, eye shadows are the least that I buy. Every time I see a palette that I like, I try to tell myself that I still have my F21 and Youngblood palettes to finish. But, there are times when I get smitten or there’s a good promo going on (The Face Shop e/s) so I break this rule. Such was the case of these palettes:

nichido stardust eyeshadow boxes, by bitsandtreats

I kinda swore to myself that I will not buy Nichido makeup anymore as the color pay off was terrible and it doesn’t last long. But I couldn’t help but purchase these lovely palettes last night. Stardust is a pretty good name for a palette, after all.

nichido stardust eyeshadow palettes, by bitsandtreats

There were no available testers so I just told myself that I’ll just apply a lot to make the colors show. It’s only Php168 each so I got all four.

These are Nichido Stardust Blue Lagoon and Totally Neutral.

nichido stardust palettes in blue lagoon and totally neutral, by bitsandtreats

These are Enchanted Green and Kiss of Pink.

nichido stardust eyeshadow palettes in enchanted green and kiss of pink, by bitsandtreats

Here’s a close up:

nichido stardust palette close up, by bitsandtreats

The other reason why I bought these (aside from the palette being cute)  is to be able to retouch my eye shadow during the day/night when I am out. Since my palettes are big, I rarely bring them with me. These on the other hand are very light and compact and can easily fit inside my small makeup kit. I am just bothered by the lack of plastic covering on the shadows. The applicator is, of course, useless.

I’m wearing Kiss of Pink now and I was really surprised. I checked myself in the mirror during lunch and the colors are still there. I retouched them a bit just because I wanted to use my palette again. = ) But it would have been okay without the touch up.

I’m also surprised that for an affordable e/s, my eyes have not itched yet.They’re also not watery meaning I’m not allergic to these shadows. Let’s see later in the afternoon.

I got these at Watsons Greenbelt where the SA was annoying. She was busy talking to the other SA’s while I was looking for a tester. Finally, I asked her who was in charge there. She said she was in an annoyed tone. I asked if there were testers available and she had that look in her face that says, “Oh, it’s just another free loader. Why did you even interrupt me when you’re not going to buy?” She said there were none and that the displays were all covered and cannot be opened. But she helpfully said that the blue shades are nice. Uhm, how am I supposed to know that without swatching them? I told her I wanted to see if the “highly pigmented” thingy on the back was for real. She couldn’t answer. So, I just shrugged and asked her that I’d like one of each. She said, oo merong apat. Tig-iisa” (Yes, there are 4, one of each). I told her yes, I can see that so please give me one of each. I’ll buy all 4 palettes. That’s when her eyes lit up and she suddenly had a burst of energy. She even said, Ma’am let’s open each palette first so that you can check. And she did all the work by herself. This time I was being a snob. Sorry, I couldn’t help it. I just glanced at the palettes and nodded my head. She was very nice after this. I wonder why there are SA’s like that.

I will try to make an EOTD of each of these palettes. I think this is a pretty good buy. I’ve been noticing that Nichido is slowly improving its quality and packaging. I hope one day they can be on ELF’s level or even higher. That would be very good news for all Filipinas who want to look pretty on a budget.


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