Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Madness

seagate external drive and ipod touch, by bitsandtreats

Thank you BPI for always making my Christmases gadget-filled ones!

I am very attached to my ZEN mp3 player. I didn’t want to replace it because it does its job quite nicely. It’s still alive and kicking. But now it can slow down and just play music whenever I’m taking a bath and not go with me everywhere.

Learning is very important to me and I don’t like idle time so I put my language lessons in my Zen. Sadly, it can’t accommodate all my lessons so I had to upgrade. I like brushing up on my French whenever I have the chance and commuting is a perfect time for that especially now that traffic is horrendous.

As for the external drive, Coco has been crashing more frequently now and I need to back up all my files including all my blog photos and drafts. I don’t want to buy CD’s any more as they pile up.

For a while I was avoiding ipods as my ex gave me one before then took it back when he left me. I know, right? Bad memories and all. So anyway, I wanted to buy another ZEN player but the ipod was cheaper. I’m a practical girl so I went with the ipod. The best part of it all is, I didn’t pay a single centavo and I won’t be paying until March 2011! How awesome is that?

So what’s your Christmas gadget spree?


  1. That sure is one good deal!

    No spree's or splurge for me anymore, the baby tabby is sick, need to cover expenses. sigh..

  2. yeah, a sick cat can be very expensive. anong nangyari sa baby?



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