Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mung beans for your face

Today, we will talk about munggo. I love ginisang munggo (sauteed mung beans) but unfortunately, my knees hurt whenever I eat this dish so I try to avoid it as much as possible or try to resist it anyway. Luckily, The Face Shop offers mung beans in a different form:

the face shop haul, by bitsandtreats

You may recognize this photo from a haul post back in October. I’ve been using the Herb Day Cleansing Foam in Mung Beans ever since and I can truly say that I’m very satisfied with it.

The label says for all skin types. I did have a few rashes on my first week of usage but I think that’s because my skin was still adjusting. After that, I didn’t have break outs anymore.

I like the scent. You’ll be surprised that it smells differently from what we believe to be a mung bean’s scent. It lathers nicely with the bubble net but you can also use it in its original form as it is very creamy. Just be careful when you press the tube as the product slips out very easily. It’s not a thick cream like Pond’s. The color is a nice green shade, very light and not disgusting at all.

If you’ve noticed the base of the tube at the rim of the cap, there’s some oil forming. I think this is an old stock that’s why the oil is already separating. I guess a lot of people find it weird to put mung beans on their face.

This mung bean facial wash effectively removes dirt and makeup. Sometimes when I forget to remove my makeup using a makeup remover, I just use this with TBS facial brush and my face is squeaky clean again. Although, I’d have to say that I use more than a pea size amount of this product to get a really good lather and a really good cleaning. I think I use about the size of a one-peso coin.

It doesn’t dry out my face and there is no tight feeling after washing. It’s cold now and my face gets itchy after washing so I guess this is not advisable for girls with dry skin on cold months.

I love it so much that I bought another one as a gift for my sister. It only costs Php249 and is such a good buy. I’m almost done with this tube and I plan to cut it up to make sure that I get every last drop.

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