Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Tea Cleansing Foam

etude house happy tea time peach cleansing foam

This is my second Etude House Happy Teatime Cleansing Foam. The first one was milk tea. This is peach. The SA said this is one of their best sellers as it has a whitening effect. True to her word, it does give me a brightening and slightly whitening effect after I wash my face. It also leaves my skin smooth and a little bit tight.

The texture is thick and creamy and is perfect for bubble nets. Put just a small amount in the bubble net then rub to produce a creamy foam.

This is not, however, good for removing makeup. You still need a makeup remover then just use this as a final wash. I use this every morning to prep my skin for makeup and/or moisturizer application. It doesn’t make my skin oily but on really cold days, it does make my skin a bit dry.

The only thing I don’t like about this product is the scent. I find the peach scent too irritating. My allergies flared up on my first week of use. Now, after a few months of usage, my senses have finally adjusted to it.

I will not repurchase because of the smell. I have another cleansing foam to try so stay tuned for that. I may also need to cut the tube in half to get the leftover product. I’m already having a hard time squeezing out the product but the tube is still quite heavy. Hmmm…

The Happy Tea Time Peach Cleansing Foam costs only Php148 and you can get it at any Etude House or at SM Makati.


  1. They have etude products at makati sm na?

  2. Hi Kitten! Oo, matagal na! Batang ortigas ka kasi! = )



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