Friday, November 5, 2010

Bubble Nets

Bubble nets are used by the Japanese for facial cleansing. No, they don’t scrub their faces with the net but they use it to create a good lather. They only use the bubbles to wash their faces. They believe that your hand should not touch the skin on your face as it creates lines and sagging.

I bought this bubble net at Saizen, one pair for Php85. This is a part of my Saizen post a few months back.

saizen bubble nets, by bitsandtreats

It looks like this:
saizen pink bubble net, by bitsandtreats

I made a video to demonstrate how to use it. It’s easier to see than to read.

How To Use a Bubble Net, by bits + treats

(Yeah, I was a little bit gigil with the net. haha!)

I used Celeteque here. I wouldn’t recommend Celeteque if you want a good lather. The facial wash from Etude House and other thick facial foams create a very nice lather. I only had Celeteque when I made the video.

Hold the bubble net with your pointing and middle fingers. Start with a wet bubble net then apply your favorite facial wash. Take the ends of the net and scrub until you get bubbles.  Place a finger of the opposite hand in the loop and pull out the net while still securely holding it with your two fingers. You are now left with bubbles to wash your face with.

I love this bubble net. I take one with me when I travel. Even MB uses the bubble net. He says it’s better for shaving. He doesn’t like using a shaving foam. He only uses his facial wash.

Have you tried using a bubble net? Or did this post make you want to try one?


  1. ooh i like that... but i don't like my wash foamy.. i like it more creamy... :D

    nice video quality btw :D

  2. I haven't tried it, but it looks interesting. Nice video tutorial E!

  3. Thanks Geli! If you use the bubble net with a creamy facial wash, you'll be surprised with the results. = )



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