Sunday, November 14, 2010


MB took me to therapy yesterday.

retail therapy, by bitsandtreats

Haha! Not everything in the picture is mine. Most are gifts and some are MB’s. I did manage to score some good finds though like these:

chesca shoes, by bitsandtreats

These were on sale at only Php499 each! And you know that when I find shoes that fit me, I buy them in all colors that I like. This is tan and chocolate brown. It also comes in black.  MB originally wanted to take me shopping at Zara but all the clothes that I wanted from last week were not there anymore. We went to G5 and found the shoes. MB said that he’ll buy the shoes to make up for the Zara spree. Glorietta was on a crazy Midnight Madness Sale for two nights. They’re still on sale today so if you need some closet fillers, go NOW!

I was also able to buy (or MB rather) some basic tanks at Kamiseta and a striped blouse which I will feature along with some The Emporium finds. Lucky me, I’m an XS so these stocks were ignored by most. Oh, please be careful at Kamiseta. The girl on the cashier line with us lost her wallet. Somebody took it from her bag. You know how crazy these Kamiseta sales can get.

At Penshoppe, MB bought a polo shirt and I got another tank top in peach. I was a bit frustrated with Penshoppe as the top that I got was on the 20% sale section. The other color on the other side of the store was also marked 20%. I even double checked with the SA and she said that it was Php249 but will still be further discounted for 20%. When MB paid, it was only on 10% discount. I asked the SA and she asked the manager beside her. The manager said it was a mistake. I pointed the 20% discount sign on each side of the store where the tops are. She said that people just hang things where ever. I told her that I double checked with the SA and she kept saying that it was a mistake. The SA who punched our purchases said, “Ma’am sorry po. Nabigyan ko naman po siya ng 10% discount so ok na po.” WTF? What’s okay with that? That’s false advertising! I told them that it was false advertising. As if a 10% discount would make us feel better. Pampalubag loob? Consolation prize? And I wanted to buy one of each color! Good thing there were no more sizes on the other colors!

On our way out, the same SA apologized again and repeated the 10% discount speech. This time I was really fuming and snapped at her to fix their stocks and put them in the proper places. It is what it is, FALSE ADVERTISING.

More finds on my next post…

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  1. Nice haul, retail theraphy huh? hehehe.

    Akala siguro nila di niyo mahahalata. tsk tsk.



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