Monday, November 15, 2010

My Daily Ritual

This post is for Peepir who asked what my daily skin care regimen is.

I was blessed with nice skin. When I was a teenager, I didn’t break out into pimples nor had very oily skin. I had the occasional zits when it’s that time of the month but they would soon disappear. It’s only when I started taking steroids that my face broke out into ugly pimples.

My mom taught me the importance of having a good skin care regimen at an early age and so I guess that also contributed. I started applying moisturizers when I was 12 or 13.

I have very sensitive skin so I try to make my facial care ritual simple. When I wash my face in the shower in the morning, I use Etude House Cleansing Foam in peach which has a whitening/brightening effect. I will be changing cleansing foams soon as that is going to run out. I use a bubble net to get a nice lather and use that lather to cleanse my face. Twice a week, I scrub my face with St. Ives Olive Scrub. I don’t rub it in nor scrub too long. In between days, I use The Body Shops Face Scrubber.

After bathing, I apply some toner. I use a cotton pad for this. I don’t like using cotton balls as they soak up too much product and they get all over my face. The toner that I just finished up is by Estee Lauder. I will make a separate review on that. Before that, I was using the one from Nivea. You can search the archives for all the products mentioned above, by the way.

skin care ritual, by bitsandtreats

I allow my face to dry before applying Garnier Light Moisturizer. I do not use Light Complete because that made me break out.  When this has been absorbed by my skin, I apply Etude House Super Aqua Sun Guard. Then I apply my Face Shop makeup bases and start painting my face.

When I get home in the afternoon from the hospital or errands or whatever, I remove my makeup using Etude House Milk Tea makeup remover. I remove my eye makeup with Etude House Lip & Eye makeup remover (review coming soon). Maybelline’s Eye and Lip makeup remover is great too. Then, I just wipe off the remaining product with a wet wipe. Then when I shower at night, I use St. Ives Olive Cleanser which is really gentle but very effective. On nights when I use the scrub, I apply the Human Heart Nature Night Moisturizer. It makes my face oily in the morning but it’s good so I can live with the oil. I will be trying other moisturizers once I finish this tube. I have to be careful with this moisturizer though. I avoid this when it’s almost that time of the month.

On other nights, I just apply the Celeteque moisturizer. Sometimes I use a face mask. Those are times when I’m really stressed or when my skin looks too dull. I prefer the leave on, rinse off type masks as they are more effective on my skin.

Weekends are a different story. After bathing, I just apply toner and that’s it. At night I just wash my face. I let my skin breathe when I’m at home. I avoid makeup and stay au naturel. Also, when I do go out on weekends, I avoid too much makeup. A simple foundation + blush  + lipstick combo will do.

I think my skin care regimen works because I’ve had several compliments from different beauty experts about how nice/good my skin is. Except of course for those annoying marks left by pimples. Oh, for pimples, I use the spot corrector from Garnier. I also use the Garnier blemish remover to lighten the spots. You can also try Eskinol Pimple Remover. I have a friend who has a lot of pimples and he said that Eskinol works. The Body Shop Scrubber also works well on unpopped/drying zits. Just be very gentle.

If I suddenly break out, I try to isolate the products one by one to know which one is doing the damage. Sometimes I just stop everything to let my skin breathe and heal.

I try to change my routine every once in a while but I’m also very careful with the products that I try. When something doesn’t work the first time, I immediately stop. I don’t want to risk it. I may feel bad because of the money I spent but I know I’ll feel worse if it will make my skin go bad.

So that’s my daily ritual Peepir. I hope this helps you!


  1. on what were shown in the pic, i only have the Nivea, Garnier, and Celeteque. i have two sets of them, one set at home and one at work. that is because sometimes i am rendering three shifts so i have to wash my face from accumulated dirts. and since men usually have bigger pore than women, i use Loreal PureZone, but it strips off natural moisture of the skin, so i have to apply Olay TE(the one without sunblock).

  2. My guy also uses the Nivea toner. As for facial wash, he also tried L'oreal a few months back. Now he's using Nivea. We have Vaseline in stock too. He has oily skin so the L'oreal worked fine on him. I also choose a toner/facial wash that can 'shrink' the pores for him whenever I buy toiletries.

  3. Thank you so much for this Lady E :) I realized that MAYBE just MAYBE the cause of my skin damage is the lack of moisturizers. Bigla ko kase na remember, the medicated astringent really did make my face super dry afterwards and also maybe I was just rubbing the product on my face too hard. :)

    Thank you po ulit. :) I'll try to look for a moisturizer that's meant for oily skin. lol. I won't include the one from human nature. hehe. it might cause me more pimples. :)

  4. You're welcome pee.pee! I think that may be the problem. When my skin is super dry, I get pimples too. Just be 'choosy' with the products you buy from now on. Yes, don't use the HHN!



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