Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shopping: Of Kitty Purses and Avon Addictions

I am absolutely out of control when it’s November to December when it comes to shopping. Oh, and when it’s my birthday month too. And I also feel extra generous this time of the year.

Case in point:

avon haul, by bitsandtreats

My Avon lady friend who is very nice and very kind (giving me extended installment plans!) surprised me with these last Wednesday.

In the pouch is the Fiona (?) nightwear. It looks like a sun dress but for sleeping Laughing out loud. The makeup kit comes with the lipstick and lip liner as a set (Php355). This is my first lip liner in a long time. I don’t use lip liners. The last I used them was when I was a teenager. I also bought my favorite Avon jewelry:

avon jewelry, by bitsandtreats

Here’s the pouch:

avon makeup kit, by bitsandtreats

It’s so roomy and it has compartments inside. Perfect!

And speaking of pouches and purses…

kitty purses, by bitsandtreats

I got Kitten and moi matching kitty purses! I also bought 2 card holders as I go through them like popcorn, harhar! I’m currently using the polka dot one.  I got these last Sunday but postponed blogging about it to surprise Kitten.

Oh, how I love weekday shopping! 


  1. I can definitely tell how much you love pouches and wallets. I love AVON cosmetics, specially their lipsticks.

    EEEEEeeeeee! we got matching pouches and coin purse pala, ang cuuuuuttteeeee! thanks so much E!

    I think the hunt now is knowing WHEN your birthday is, ang daya mo wala rin sa fb mo, please tell.

    How come you never use lip liner?

  2. @Kitten: harharhar! only a few people know when my birthday is. hahaha! and because i love you, i will send it to you via pm.

    i'm too lazy to use lip liner and when I was younger i would look at other girls who don't know how to correctly apply lip liner and they end up with this line around their lips and nothing inside. i think they looked funny! i didn't want to look like that!

  3. Got your message, super thanks. *evil grin* hehehe.

    I see, sabagay, me naman one of the video tutorials I watch halos they use the lip liners as base lipstick, it's weird though. I'm afraid of choosing which color since I may end up with lines at the end of the day.

  4. Cute kitty purses! Saw those at Landmark and absolutely loved them.:)



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