Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Tried…

I tried. I promise, I really, really tried but I couldn’t control it anymore. I tried to fight it.  I’ve been seeing them for a couple of weeks now. I tried to ignore them, I tried to be practical but they got the better of me…

and so I admit defeat.

lip ice balms, lip gloss and colored lip balms, by bitsandtreats
Lip Ice Haul

Hi, I’m Lady E and I’m a lip balm addict…

Don’t worry, not everything in the photo is mine. Some will be given away as gifts. And speaking of giveaways, watch out for my special giveaway!


  1. E! Kakainis ka, hahahahahaha! I am so jealous right now, bukas pa ako makaka bili, I want the tinted lip balm NOW! hehehe.

    Hmmm, addict or obsessed? Too many lip balm and lip gloss, only 1 lip to use. Sigh...

    You are right, naloka ako sa HAUL na to :)

  2. Ahahahahaha! Sabi ko na e! Kaya mo yan. Ilang oras na lang, sweldo na at makakabili ka na! Would you believe, when I was already at the cashier, I told the cashier to wait because I 'needed' to get 3 more lip glosses! Ahahahaha!

    Hindi pa ito tapos. Don't worry, I was thinking of you all throughout my therapy. Hahahaha!

  3. not related to post, but a bit somehow. do you know where can i find a concealer astutely fitting for men's skin type? kakahiya kase magtanong sa cosmetic section eh. MAC is also a good shop to check out, kaso kakahiya pa rin magtanong. :)

  4. @Lady E: have thought of putting up a shop purely for lip glosses? it's a niche market. parang services purely for nails or for eye lashes lang.

  5. Hindi ba nagtaka ang cashier lady? hehe. Oo nga eh, I so can't wait for tomorrow talaga.

    Wow, there's more haul posts? sweet!

    *Waiting while drooling on the lipice lippies* XD

    We should definitely meet then one day and go shopping together, kaloka siguro yun. haha.

  6. @cafemobility binigyan mo ko ng project! I will hunt down a good man concealer for you! you're right, dyahe nga magtanong.

    Yes, I've been down that road. I was thinking of producing my own brand of lip balms and lip stuff. The thing is, we don't have suppliers here. Or we might have but I just don't know where to look. All the stuff I've seen are from China.

    @Kitten yeah, shopping! I'm always game for shopping!

    Medyo tiningnan ako ni cashier na parang, ha? kukuha ka pa? ok ka lang?

    Dapat yata magtayo na tayo ng shop like what cafemobility said!

  7. Interesting suggestion. Haha, kung ako cashier, sasabihin ko, wow ma'am ang dami! hehehe.

    You want to do business? I'm game, all kikay things.

  8. @Kitten e di ba magbbiz kayo ng ate mo? Pero all kikay things sounds really nice. = ) Let's think about it. Hmmm... Baka gustong maki join ni cafemobility sa atin!

  9. Hahaha, yeah. We're doing research for now, have to be careful with risks and all.

    He might want to.



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