Monday, November 1, 2010

Stop the Abuse–My Response to Kitten’s Post

First of all, Blogger sucks. I have meaner words in my head but I will not type them because it’s improper already. I wrote a very compelling (if I may say so) and very long response to Kitten’s post about cat abuse then when I was publishing it, Blogger gave me this message: “We’re sorry, we cannot process your request” or something to that effect. That is why, I am now using Live Writer to publish my response in my own blog.  Please go to her blog, Inside a Cat's Mind,  and read or scroll down. Click the link on my side board. I do not want to go back to her blog for now and see the poor kittens. It breaks my heart.

I saw Kitten’s post on my side board this morning. I didn’t read it because I didn’t want to start my morning with that. Now, I want to kick myself for reading the post before I sleep. I will re-type here most of what I said, or the gist of it or whatever I can remember. Blogger, you suck. I hate you Google!

About 2 or 3 years ago, my pets were let loose. It’s a long story. For days, I was depressed, I kept crying  and lashing out to everybody. Finally, my friends and I went out to look for them. We went to this old abandoned lot on the street where we used to live. Some of my cats where there but there were a lot of cats and kittens hanging with strings tied on their necks, brutally abused and murdered, some like in Kitten’s photo. Most, were worse. I am disgusted with the people who do these kinds of things. If you can still call them people. I loathe them. If a lion would strangle them, tear a limb or two or eat them in front of me, I wouldn’t budge. In fact, I’d be quite satisfied to see them suffer like how their victims suffered. Now, if you do not own a cat or dog, you are not allowed to criticize what I just said. You do not know how it feels like to hold a tiny, helpless living thing in your hand and watch it grow, nurture it, feed it and take care of it. You do not know what it feels like to take your pet every single day to the doctor and hold its paws and tell him to hang on, to live because it would break your heart if he dies. You do not know how it feels like to have your heart broken and literally feel the pain in your chest. I do. All of us pet owners do.

Now, let’s not go to the topic of diets and lifestyle if that’s your counter argument. That’s for another topic.

I used to rescue cats in my neighborhood until I got fed up with people throwing kittens over our gate as if they were trash. There was one time when I rescued a kitten who was put in a tied plastic bag and left on a street corner to suffocate and die slowly. Unfortunately, he only lasted for a few days. He was spitting out black paint before he died! I thought he was okay until I realized, on top of everything they did to him, they poisoned him! I cursed the person who did that to him all the while I was watching the kitten die. But that kitten, Jack, he fought really hard. He made me happy in the very few days that  I was with him. I went home during our lunch break. I always came home during lunch to check on him and give him treats. We would play for a little while then I would put him to bed and make him sleep. He would be up when I got home in the afternoon.  On this day, when I got home, he was lying down on my crab stuffed toy that doubled as his bed. He was very weak but he managed to perk up when he saw me. I have a gazillion cats and I know when it’s their time. I knew it was his time. Although he was in pain, I know that he died peacefully. It was all over his face. He was thankful for me rescuing him and giving him a decent home. And yes, he died in my hands.

I don’t know if you’ve read the ad in the underpass that says,” People who abuse animals are just getting started.” Yes, I believe that people who abuse animals turn out to be serial killers, murderers, axe killers, etc. These people should be in jail or be put in a facility or something. If your kid does nasty things to animals, bring him to a psychiatrist immediately.

Going back, my cats were lucky. I was able to save them that night. Now, a condominium stands over that lot but I cannot see the building. I can only see the horrors that we saw that night.

If you have read this far then you must care. You must be responsible. Spread the word.  Stop the abuse.


  1. First of about blogger, it really does suck, I hated how it resulted in publishing my post at the end. I've been using Windows live ever since thanks to M.

    It was hard reaching until the end of your post, I braved reading that when my friend showed me the picture. You already know my feelings toward it, and I don't want to talk about what you saw anymore, that scene was just like in the movies, like tormented souls tied up in a tree (sorry).

    Thanks for making a post E! It's our little way of helping spread the word.

  2. And thanks to you, I'm using Win Live too! = )

    Unfortunately, they were hanging from trees and when the trees ran out, the son-of-a.... made artificial trees using scrap wood, metal, etc and hung the cats like decorations on a Christmas tree. I hope he suffers before he dies...

    You're welcome! It was my pleasure. After posting, I went out and hugged my cats and watched them sleep.

  3. Much better and better options if formatting.

    Hmmm, very brutal. Maybe he's sick in the head.

    Aww, I miss my cats now tuloy. Can't wait to get home later.

  4. people (do they deserve to be called as such?) have also been abandoning kittens in front of our house, usually at night or when it's raining hard that we have no chance of catching them. I'm fed up as well. Kuching, the last cat we adopted did not survive and it still hurts.

  5. you know even animals would protest if we call these beings animals. and i don't ever, ever want to be in the position you were in, learning about the fate of your cats.

  6. @salmoncat: believe me, it was a nightmare. I still wake up in the middle of the night when I dream about it and that was years ago!



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