Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sooo not waterproof…

elf waterproof lengthening and volumizing mascara, by bitsandtreats
elf Waterproof Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara

I am fascinated with elf cosmetics because they are so affordable and most perform well that is why I was so disappointed with this purchase. My number one requirement when buying mascaras is it should be waterproof as I have very sensitive eyes. I don’t want mascara running into my eyes and smudging everywhere.

Unfortunately, this product did just that – smudge everywhere and made me look like I have dark circles around my eyes. But, in fairness to the product, it did give my lashes some lengthening effect.

elf waterproof lengthening mascara, by bitsandtreats

It made my eyes itch at times and it smudges with just a little rub. I can remove this with a regular makeup remover, sweat (yeah) and of course, water and facial wash!

What I do love though is the sleek, sexy packaging.

The wand is so, so.

elf waterproof lengthening and volumizing mascara wand, by bitsandtreats

The mascara dries up fast and forms large chunks on the wand. I have to wipe the wand with a tissue to get rid of the chunks.

I only used this mascara thrice. Never again. It costs Php250 and is sooo not a great buy. Maybelline has better mascaras for almost the same price.


  1. Yikes, such a waste of money, I hate that too. The only thing that I love about ELF are the blushes, lipgloss, and the eye brow kit.

  2. yes, Php250 down the drain... I haven't tried their lipgloss. Do you have a review of it Kitten? I'll check your archives

  3. I'll make review about it, the time I bought it I had crappy camera, didn't bother making swatches.



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