Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vacation Day 2–Breakfast and Muji

Sunday morning was spent with a wonderful breakfast at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at A. Venue. We ordered Brek O’Day which included some bread, butter, strawberry jam, scrambled eggs, chicken sausages and dried apricots and dates with syrup. We upgraded this to include hot choco. One set costs around Php225.

The bread was good but I didn’t like the chicken sausage. The skin was too tough so I had to scrape off the meat inside. I don’t eat hotdogs because I can’t digest them. I thought the chicken sausage would be a good alternative but I was wrong. At least I was able to digest them. I liked the dates but not the apricots. I think it wasn’t a good combination. The apricots were too bland and chewy.I don’t like spending too much time chewing my breakfast.  Starbucks’s signature hot chocolate still rocks.

We also got one of these:

the coffee bean and tea leaf swirl rewards card, by bitsandtreats
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Swirl Card

This is like the advantage card for coffee and tea lovers. You get points every time you buy and you can use those points to buy more drinks or get upgrades! You also get free internet!

After breakfast, we explored the hotel and went to the pool. We didn’t go swimming. We just looked around.

We also visited Muji. I was very excited to hear that Muji was coming to Manila a few months back. When I finally got to the store, I was disappointed. It’s like Anonymous meets Beabi but double to triple the price! Maybe there are a lot of people who find the stuff at Muji affordable but I don’t. Take for example their pens and stationery. I even overheard one dad tell his daughter, “Wag yan. Masyadong mahal yan. Pag ganyan lang, mag National ka na lang.”  The colored pens cost a thousand pesos. I rest my case.

Here are the things that got my attention:

muji skin care, by bitsandtreats
Muji Beauty Products

muji soaps, by bitsandtreats
Muji Soaps

muji beauty, by bitsandtreats
More soaps

muji dispensers, by bitsandtreats
Muji dispensers

I wanted to try the beauty products but something inside me told me not to. When in doubt, I usually just don’t. Do you know what I mean? Muji has a lot of products to offer but I don’t think they specialize in beauty products. Sure, there are good reviews for some of their products but I don’t want to take my chances especially with my sensitive skin. What do you think?

The dispensers and travel stuff are priced okay. The prices are not far from Beabi’s. The tableware also caught my eye but I didn’t take a photo of them anymore. At this point, I was losing interest in Muji. The plate that I liked costs Php395! That’s just one plate! It’s just plain white with divisions and I just don’t have the heart to shell out Php800 for two plates. Because of my frustration, I bought a set of cheap tableware which you will see if you read my food blog. I think Saizen has a better selection of Kitchen and Dining products.

Will I visit Muji again? Not in the near future. Maybe when the one at Powerplant opens.

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching Cable TV. We don’t have cable at home so we devoured all the Discovery Channel and Lifestyle network shows until we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of our mini break!


  1. I love dates. I don't know what's with MUJI that people are excited about, I'm just bleh about it, maybe it's just me. haha.

    Buti ka pa you can work Life style network with MB, ako I can't M gets bored watching it.

  2. I love dates too! Well, MB doesn't have a choice. haha! pero he likes watching the cooking shows din naman. sometimes the beauty and fashion shows as well. But after a while, he goes out to watch discovery.

  3. ngek talaga Muji's not a must visit place? I still haven't had the chance to swing by but I was looking forward to go this weekend, Cge I'll do better things with my time nga lang! Thanks for the heads up! =D

    Tracie ❤

  4. Hi Tracie! I think it's worth a look if you're in the area but if you are coming from someplace far, then I suggest wag na lang! The items are too expensive for something that's supposed to be generic.



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