Monday, April 25, 2011

Beauty Bar VS Ellana: The Battle of the Brush Cleaners

I’ve been a huge fan of Ellana brush cleaners ever since I bought my first brush set. I buy my supply from SM Makati but there are times when it is out of stock. During one of those days, I looked for an alternative and found one at Beauty Bar. The brush cleaner is an in-house brand (Beauty Bar). This costs Php595 while the Ellana costs Php170.

I didn’t feel like words and photos would justify my preference (you'll see later on what that is) so I made a short video for this post.

1. I used my old school digicam for this video so I apologize if it sometimes gets blurry.
2. I was holding the camera with my right hand so only my left hand was doing the actual demo. I am right-handed.
3. I used my laptop table as I did this in bed. I just wanted to say that. LOL.
4. That weird sound is the fan.

Beauty Bar Brush Cleaner VS Ellana Brush Cleaner

For the second method, if you can remember, the brush still has some of the Ellana Brush Cleaner on it that’s why the Beauty Bar cleaner was able to remove more product. If you use this on its own then you will remove less product.

If you continue to wipe the brush with the tissue (using Ellana) then you'll be able to remove most of the foundation.

I am really, really disappointed with the Beauty Bar cleaner. I shelled out almost 600 pesos for a poor product. I even used another method which is to dip my brushes directly into the solution then wiped them off but it was still a failure. I also tried to rinse/soak my brushes with it but it made my brushes hard and the hairs looked brittle.

On the other hand, the Ellana cleaner makes my brushes soft every single time. It also smells better than the Beauty Bar cleanser (in my opinion). I never tried soaking/rinsing/dipping my brushes directly into the Ellana cleanser because there was no need to. The tissue method works just fine.  I just wish they had this in a bigger bottle like the Beauty Bar bottle.

What’s your favorite brush cleaner?



    hehehe, kidding, just teasing you, well it just goes to show that it's not about the price sometimes. I was amazed with the ellana brush cleaner, now I'm soooooo buying one.

    this is my new favorite review na.

  2. waaah.... Thanks Kitten!

    It's a really good product and to think the SA's at Beauty Bar told me that their brush cleaner is always out of stock because it's a best seller. phooey...

  3. poohooeeey~ just because it's branded doesn't necessarily mean it's a great product.

  4. haha kakatwa si kitten! galeng ni Lady E! oo nah ikaw na tlg :))

  5. super clap for this one...more videos...

  6. @geishcharles: isa ka pa! hahahaha!

  7. I love Ellana's brush cleaner too! I think they're selling it in two sizes now, the original one is the smaller of the two :)

  8. I super like Ellana! Over a year ago, I loved the brand so much that I decided to resell some products to my friends! I do not have the time and the energy to do that anymore, but those were good times. Your video reminded me of my Ellana reseller days. Haha.



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