Saturday, April 2, 2011

My “Work” Makeup Kit

This is an overdue post that I owe Kitten. My “work” makeup kit contains a lot of stuff. When I say work, that means when I’m out on bazaars.

my work makeup kit

Before, whenever I’m out on bazaars, I just apply very little makeup. But I’ve noticed that my clients look at my face and ask what makeup I’m wearing and they inquire about a lot of things. It also helps when they see the makeup on my face. They get convinced to buy. So now, I make sure that I’m in full makeup.

For my work makeup kit, I use the Too Faced Marie Antoinette kit. It’s my biggest kit and it’s perfect for my palettes and brushes, etc.

Of course, I have to bring my trusty Clinique foundation and Kleenex oil blotter. I also have my Sigma Kabuki Brush and my HG lip balm. These are regulars in my kit no matter where I go.

On this particular day, I decided to wear my MAC Russian Red (review soon) lipstick so I had to bring my lip concealer from Etude House, my Avon lip liner and my lip brush.

I also bought my Too Faced Glamour To Go Fairy Edition palette and my Estee Lauder palette (which I got for free) as the eyeshadows that I needed were there. Of course, I had to bring my Charm travel brushes and my Sigma mini blending brush.

I brought my Urban Decay eye liner just in case I needed to touch up. For my cheeks, I used the Benefit Georgia blush which is a very pretty and very light peach shade that went perfectly with my over all look.

My weekend/lazy kit only consists of foundation, blotting papers, buki brush, lipstick, lip balm and blush.

So that’s it! Do you also have a work and weekend makeup kit? What do you bring?


  1. out for a beauty war? you are well equipped.

  2. That's a wonderful and neat kit to bring along. I can't keep a small kit... I just end up stuffing all my makeup and bringing them with me everywhere. =/

  3. @Ahne: Yes, in my MAC Russian Red no less!

  4. @Katherine: I think being a blogger and entrepreneur forces me to have a big makeup kit. But for everyday use, I'd like to keep it small.

  5. LOL!! It's funny to hear how you have separate makeup for weekdays and weekends!! LOL

    I have pretty much the same routine for everyday!! LOL!

  6. yey! finally! I've been waiting for this. I'm loving everything inside that make-up kit of yours.

    I'd have to agree, you have to look your best ALWAYS ALWAYS, since you are selling make-up, it convinces potential buyers.

    As for the question: Do you also have a work and weekend makeup kit? What do you bring?

    I love this question, my work and weekend make-up kit is the same always. I don't know, I just want to bring everything. If only I could bring my palettes at home too I would. hahahaha.

  7. i love how prepared you are E! :D haha! i haven't really gone through my makeup kit since i barely touch up when i'm outside nowadays. :)

  8. @Michelle: Well, I have to! When I'm out on the mall on my own, I don't bother touching up!

  9. @sugar: thanks sugar! super busy ba?

  10. @Kitten: sige, dalhin mo ung malaking sephora palette mo! kawawa naman si M!

    yes, ALWAYS, ALWAYS! parang di tuloy ako tindera!LOL

  11. magandang tindera! hehehe

    yeah, for sure I'll be hearing complaints everytime.



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