Thursday, April 14, 2011

Saying Hi!

My crazy kitties want to say hi to you lovely ladies!

gwen, by bitsandtreats

This is Gwen, she’s the bunso and the tiniest of the bunch.  They’re the same ones you saw being nursed by their mom on my doorway. They’re all grown up. Gwen is very sweet and she’s my little masterchef! Whenever I’m in the kitchen, cooking, she makes it a habit to stay between my feet. Then she follows me to the ref then back to the kitchen then to the water dispenser then back to the kitchen. She likes watching me chop ingredients and overall, watch me cook.  MB also can’t get her out of the kitchen when he’s doing the dishes. I told him that she will go once he leaves the kitchen and true enough, she does every time. She likes lying down on my foot (and MB’s foot). Here, she was busy playing with my slipper so I decided to get my camera. She stopped playing when she saw the camera. She became suplada. Here are more blurred shots of Gwen:

gwen 2, by bitsandtreats

Vampire Gwen. She’s not mean. She was about to yawn when I took this shot.

vampire gwen, by bitsandtreats

Here, she’s playing with the camera lace.

gwen playing, by bitsandtreats

Here’s Kuya Daniel:
daniel, by bitsandtreats

Believe me, he’s not timid like that. Daniel is CRAZY! Daniel, together with his brother Luke always do these ambush raids on me. They hide among the storage boxes in the hallway then jump on my legs at the perfect time. Daniel likes standing up to hug my legs. But sometimes he can be very rough and forgets that I am not a cat so I end up with scratches. He is very malambing and runs whenever he hears that I’m petting one of the other cats. He pushes through the crowd so that I can pet him too. He is named Daniel because his mom is Dana and his elder sis is Darnelle. They have an aunt named Danielle whom MB and I loved so much. She passed when she gave birth. None of her kittens survived. MB cried when Danielle passed. That’s how much he loved Danielle. But now, he’s pretty much occupied with Darnelle and Gwen. He makes gigil to Gwen every time he sees her. Daniel is Dana’s son and the rest are ChaCha’s babies but since they were born about the same time, they treat each other like siblings. Daniel is the kuya, he’s the biggest too.

This is Luke. Oh, boy. How would I describe this kitty… He’s very agile, very energetic. He is very playful.  Aside from their ambush trips, Luke also does solo missions. Whenever I’m taking a bath, these 5 (Luke, Daniel, Keith, Gwen, Addy) take their positions. Gwen is the look out (because she’s so sweet and you wouldn’t suspect anything). There’s a small crack on our bathroom door and Gwen fits inside. She pops in to check if I’m almost done bathing. Then goes out. She then informs Keith who is waiting on the stairs. Keith is the runner. (Sorry for not posting photos of Keith and Addy. They were playing outside when I took the photos). Keith runs upstairs to inform his siblings that I’m about to go out of the bathroom. How do I know this? I caught them once when Gwen came in to the bathroom too late. I was about to open the door when she came in. Keith ran upstairs the moment he saw me.

luke 2 by bitsandtreats

Addy is the first ambush. She grabs my foot the moment I step at the top of the stairs while Gwen watches, looking all innocent. (Scream 1). Then Daniel jumps as soon as I turn to pass the hallway. (Scream 2). About a few steps to my door, Luke suddenly emerges from the boxes and grabs whatever he can – my foot, leg, slipper, clothes. (Scream 3). At this point, I will run towards my room because all 5 of them will be trailing me from behind. They will want to go inside my room and cause havoc!

This happens every single day. During the first week, my mom would always go out of her room to check what’s going on because of all the screaming. Now, she’s used to my screaming so she ignores me. So why do I still scream in spite of knowing their tactics? Well, my mom didn’t raise stupid kids just as I didn’t raise any stupid kittens. All my cats are smart. These kittens are no exception. They always think about different tactics and different plans of attack especially when they see that I already know their hiding places.

Having a lot of cats is a lot of work but the joy they give you in return is priceless. Here’s something to leave you with:

luke, by bitsandtreats

Warning: DO NOT BE FOOLED by the sweet innocent face! (See that blurred vision below him? That’s Keith running to get in on the action). I ran to my room after this photo as they were getting all crazy again.


  1. LOL @ Warning: DO NOT BE FOOLED by the sweet innocent face! - reminds me of my youngest sister. :p

  2. waaaa, i love the last photo!kyuuut!

    they all have sosyal names.

  3. Cuuuuuuute! And wow, they sound like a handful. :))

  4. their names are indeed sosyal that you can only hear them from Starbucks' barista calling out names for order claims.

    and it's good you didn't name them brownie, beauty, or bruno.

  5. @Kari: You have no idea... They're tiny energizer bunnies

  6. @Kitten and John: All my cats have human names. I don't like whitey, brownie, etc. I treat them like humans that's why they are so disciplined....LOL.

  7. I agree that your cats are like humans...nasasabi nila ang name ko waahhhh...

  8. @Ahne: Iba nga lang ang intonation.

  9. hi cute babies! can relate with the "cat attacks"/ambush.

  10. @Salmoncat: It's nerve-wracking but it's fun no?



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