Thursday, April 21, 2011

Black Bamboo

I am on the hunt for a good makeup remover. If you can recall, I'm using this makeup remover from TFS to remove makeup on my face. But since this is cream-based, I won't be able to use it on all skin types. Good thing I found this at TFS:

The Face Shop Black Bamboo Lip & Eye Makeup Remover, by bitsandtreats

I initially used this only for eye makeup removal but the other day I went to TFS to ask if they have a water-based makeup remover for the face. The SA said that it was out of stock so I asked if I could use the Black Bamboo Lip & Eye Makeup Remover for the face. She said yes. When I got home I tried it immediately. It was a success! I didn't use this to remove all my makeup though. I'm saving this for client use. I used the fruity makeup remover for the residue.

Water-based makeup remover is great for oily skin. I have combination/dry skin and if I use this product too much (say when I'm doing several EOTD's), my skin tends to hurt because of too much dryness. Hmmm... That leaves me thinking. Maybe I should include the cream-based makeup remover in my traincase for clients with dry skin...

Anyway, aside from those effects, this product is gentle enough for my sensitive skin. I don't experience any allergic reactions to it. Plus if I just use it once, it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I haven't experienced any stinging in the eyes but I will be on the lookout for that. 

The packaging is also great as it does not spill even though I put it horizontally in my traincase. This will definitely be a staple.

The Black Bamboo Makeup Remover retails for Php400-500 pesos at your favorite Face Shop branch. I highly recommend it if you are oily skinned and are looking for an effective, gentle and affordable makeup remover.


  1. I have normal to oily skin. This might work for me. :-)

  2. will visit TFS soon for this stuff...thanks for the review

  3. @Michelle: Tell me how it works for you, okay?

  4. haven't tried this but i will when my makeup remover runs out. :)

  5. WOW, skin consultant narin?

    will add this in my list too. so that's 2 products from TFS that's in my list now.

  6. @Sugar: I'll look forward to your blog then

  7. @Kitten: I kinda need to be, di ba?



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