Friday, April 22, 2011


Finally, I gave in to the Changpo craze! I am still on the lookout for a good shampoo as after some time, I develop allergic reactions to the usual shampoos that I try. I've already tried the ones from Healthy Options which were okay until I developed flakes. Then I've tried St. Ives but it left my hair dry. I used L'Oreal before but ended up with allergies on my skin (shoulders, arms). I tried using L'Oreal again after seeing Kitten's haul post and I'm glad that my skin has adjusted to it. But I still couldn't resist trying out this shampoo from The Face Shop:

changpo wave volume up shampoo, by bitsandtreats
Changpo Wave Volume Up Shampoo

This one is for curly hair.  Too bad the conditioner was out of stock.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Am I ever so happy with this purchase! My hair feels soft and smooth and bouncy all at the same time whenever I use this. I use this at night to remove all the dirt and gunk on my hair then I use a L'oreal conditioner in the morning. I must say that even without the conditioner, my hair looks great! It's just a bit hard to comb but it's okay. I don't need much combing anyway.

It hasn't given me rashes yet so that's a good sign. I've been using this for about 3 weeks now and I'm happy with the results. The smell is also nice. The packaging is great. It won't spill. The price is a little over Php300 but I think it's definitely worth it as I only need a small amount to wash my hair. It lathers up quite nicely.

I wish they would restock the conditioner soon as the L'oreal conditioner takes away all the bounciness that this shampoo gives. Sometimes I just want big, bouncy hair. LOL!

There's also a variant for straight hair. Lucky you, they've got lots of stocks for the conditioner as well.


  1. A little too much for shampoo. But I'll keep this in mind. :-) Great review!! I've never heard of this product so, thanks! :-)

  2. great review! will definitely try this product!

  3. let me know if it works well with the conditioner.

  4. i wanna try this! thanks for the review:)

  5. I'm still with my Beer shampoo but still in the lookout for a great conditioner. Will wait for your review then.

  6. @Sugar: I hope they restock the conditioner soon!

  7. @Ahne: I can't wait to try their conditioner.



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