Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bows, Bows and More Bows!

I had fun with bows at the last SuperSale Bazaar. Now, my friends know that I’m on a shopping diet for a month. Don’t worry. I didn’t spend a cent.

These are headbands given to me by mom and MB.
bow headbands, by bitsandtreats

The bow on the lower left side was also from mom. All the others were gifted to me by the seller. Yay! She and mom became instant friends during the 3-day bazaar and now they’re talking business. It was very nice of her to give these bows to me. On the last day when we were closing up, she and her daughter went to our stall and said, “Ate o, this is for you”.When I looked inside, all these pretty bows were there.
assorted bows, by bitsandtreats

This very pretty bow was also from mom.
pink bow, by bitsandtreats

These are clothes that MB bought for me.
clothes from supersale, by bitsandtreats

These earrings are from MB too.
mapleberry earrings, by bitsandtreats

I’m not obsessed with bows. It just happened that all the pretty things in the bazaar came in bows. = )

Yay for people shopping for you when you’re on a shopping diet! Thank you mom and MB!


  1. Oooohhh!! I've been super into bows recently as well!! I'm actually selling some bow rings!
    Click Here if you're interested! :)

  2. pretty pink bows are elegant! I WANT! Now I want to look for bows too.

    thanks for sharing~

  3. sooo cute! and lucky you didn't spend a cent on them ;)

  4. thanks hazel! yes, it's the best!



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