Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Uniqlo Shirts Are the Best!

I recently got 2 Uniqlo shirts for myself and another one for my bestfriend. These are the best shirts I’ve ever owned in terms of style, fit and comfort.

Here’s one for all you cat lovers out there:

kitty uniqlo shirt, by bitsandtreats

And this other shirt, I bought for the quirkiness of the design:

uniqlo shirt with bird and flowers print, by bitsandtreats

I like the edgy feel that the stripes on the arm give. I wore this with a bandage skirt that totally complimented the stripes.  I’m straying away from jeans nowadays. Well, because of the summer heat and I feel that I look too boring when I wear jeans. This shopping diet is helping me get more creative with my wardrobe. I hope this creativity lasts even after the shopping diet.


  1. Cute tops! I saw a Uniqlo in Singapore and didn't even bother going in! LOL Regrets! :))

  2. I hate you!

    i love that cat blouse~ looks good on you too, na aacentuate ang... hehehe



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