Monday, April 25, 2011

Purederm Shiny & Hydrating Hair Mask

I am busy writing these backlog posts. This is an overdue review and lately I've been finding time to use my DIY products. This is another great product from the Purederm line:

Purederm Shiny and hydrating hair mask, by bitsandtreats

I only have one of these and I used it a couple of months ago. It doesn’t give my hair a miraculous shine but my hair looked like it has Vitress on (on strategic parts).  But it didn’t look like it has oil all over. It was a natural looking shine. I like the fact that it didn’t make my scalp itch.

This product is suited for dry hair (check). It has peppermint oil that soothed my scalp. If you can recall, I’ve had shampoo problems and this product was a wonderful break from all that itching.

It takes some time to rinse this off but the effort is worth it. Will I repurchase? Absolutely! This is very affordable at less than one hundred pesos. If only I can find more time to use my DIY products. The whirlwind of a holiday went by so fast! I did a lot of chores and things that I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time. Good thing I was able to have some R&R with MB despite the heat. We only stayed at home as we will have a vacation this weekend. And now, it’s Monday again! So little time, so much to do.

Are you ready to tackle this week’s challenges?


  1. Interesting! Vitress effect, huh? I love Vitress but I'm afraid to use it this summer because I get the feeling my hair will fry (irrational, I know haha). :))

  2. i tried this too. :) can't remember which variant dried my hair out but i like the other one because it made my hair so soft. ^__^



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