Friday, April 1, 2011

Is your foundation perfectly real?

Mine is. I use this:

foundation box, by bitsandtreats

case box, by bitsandtreats

Clinique has one of the best foundations in the makeup world. I would say out front that this is one expensive foundation but it is all worth it.

clinique perfectly real radiant skin makeup refillable compact, by bitsandtreats

The foundation is encased in a sleek silver compact. You press the silver buttons on both sides and the silver cover lifts slowly, revealing your foundation:

clinique perfectly real radiant skin compact foundation, by bitsandtreats

I have since lost that sponge (well, actually, it fell on a public bathroom floor and so I chucked it). I used Victoria Vogue sponges as replacements but I find that my Sigma There’s Something About Marilyn Kabuki Brush (to blog about it soon)  is a better replacement.

This shade is lighter than my skin color because I’m acidic. It took a while for Beauty Expert Baby and I to figure out the best shade for me. The reason why I tried this foundation is because I noticed that the Maybelline Angelfit Foundation was making me look ashy. The Clinique Beauty Experts noticed that too.

This foundation looks a bit white when I apply it but after a few minutes, it disappears into my skin. It’s very gentle and the texture is wonderful. It’s very nice to apply on clean skin. When I retouch, I remove the excess oil on my face first with an oil blotter then apply with my buki brush. I only need to reapply about twice a day (3 if I’m out until  evening). Most of the time I just retouch my blush and lippie.

I suggested this to my mom and it really suits here. Once we were out shopping and walking in the hot streets of Singapore the whole day and when we got back to the hotel, her foundation was still on. She was not oily at all. It also holds well during flights.

Like most high end brands, you buy the product and the case separately. The foundation costs Php1,850 while the compact costs Php800. There’s a smaller compact but I like this long one better because of the opening mechanism. It’s fun to watch it open, it’s like a cellphone. LOL…

It’s been almost 4 months and I’ve hit pan but there’s still a lot of product left. I reckon it will last me for 1-2 months more. So if you do the math, 6 months is not bad for a Php1,850 foundation that lasts and makes your face radiant.

I bought another foundation from another brand just because I want to compare. I will use that after I finish this. But I will definitely use the Clinique Perfectly Real Radiant Skin Foundation again.

What’s the best high end foundation you’ve used so far?


  1. Can you post a video of the compact opening? Haha! I don't mind paying a premium for well-designed packaging, as long as it fits my needs. :)

    My only high end foundation at this point is Estee Lauder mineral makeup, which actually looks nice but is a shade too light so I'm careful to wear it only during daytime (so my face doesn't shine out of the darkness at night haha). I'm bent on buying a MAC foundation tomorrow, though. *crossing fingers* :)

  2. I was contemplating on doing that video but I thought that people might find it corny or baduy. Now I'm going to do it!

    Wow MAC! blog please! Na excite din tuloy ako sa iyo!

  3. LOL!! I like the reason you have for buying this particular compact. =)) Just for the opening mechanism! LOL

  4. I'm saving up for Clinique's Superfit foundation, I loved the result on my face.

    For now, no high end foundation yet.

  5. wow... i laaahhhvvveeett. i noticed that the MAC and Clinique kiosks in Trinoma are on sale?

  6. @John: No idea, sorry. I don't go there eh.

  7. yay for good foundies! i used to use clinique foundies. =) i use many foundies actually hehehe. :/



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