Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lust Smokey Eye

I used the Wet n Wild Lust palette that’s why the title has the word “lust” in it. = )

wet n wild lust palette, by bitsandtreats

I used all the shades on the left side plus a bit of shimmer on the bottom shadow on the right to top the look. This isn’t a “clean” smokey eye. I was just testing out this palette. Plus I wasn’t really in the mood to apply makeup as I think I did this at 11 pm.

wet n wild smokey eye, by bitsandtreats

wet n wild lust palette smokey eye, by bitsandtreats

I was very impressed with the Wet n Wild palette. For 500 pesos, I get 6 very fine, very pigmented shades that can give me day or night looks. When I swatched it the first time at the SM counter, I was already impressed but I wasn’t expecting it to perform this good when I actually apply it on my lids. The colors are easy to build  and they blend well with each other. Fallout was minimal. And for something this affordable, I was surprised that it didn’t make my eyes itch. But then again, I only had this on for a few minutes. I’ll find out soon enough.

Another thing that I like about this palette are the matte shadows. I’m trying to find a good matte palette as I lack these in my traincase.  I plan to get all the palettes in this line.

I will post more EOTD’s using this palette. Next time, I’ll use the glitter shadows. 

Do you own a Wet n Wild palette? Are you loving it?


  1. I want the neutrals, do they have a pink palette?

    no i don't own one yet, but even if M doesn't want me to spend, I STILL WILL. BWAHAHAHAHAHA~

    It's funny purple is always associated with the word lust. I can't wait for the other wet n wild reviews~

  2. So many great reviews on these palettes! I have yet to try them :D

  3. @Kitten: Then we must go shopping so that I can write more reviews! I think it's just blue, neutrals, purple and there's another one... Can't remember.

  4. nice to hear this product works for you! :) i think for the price, it's a good buy :D



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