Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Battle of the BB’s

Since there are a lot of review requests from friends, I present to you Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream:

bobbi brown bb cream, by bitsandtreats

This shade is Light. I’ve been using this for 2 months now and I am declaring this as my HG BB Cream. I only use this for special occasions as it’s a bit pricey at Php2,160(?). I have super acidic skin on my face and I’ve tried countless foundations – MAC, Clinique, Bobbi, Shu and all of them failed me. My face became darker after a few hours. My mentor decided to use this BB cream as a base then topped it off with a dual foundation. Oh my, the results were astounding! 7 hours and counting and my face became only a tad darker. I only have to clear off the oil then re-touch my foundation and voila, no more acidic skin!

What’s also great about this is it did not give me allergies. The scent is not strong nor irritating.

The coverage is not too great compared to my Laura Mercier liquid foundation (more on that later). This BB cream gives you a light coverage. My pimple scars are still visible even after application.

Another thing that I like about this is it lasts the whole day. My face looks clear, polished and even-toned unlike with just ordinary foundation where oil and dirt tend to overpower my makeup. This BB cream protects my face against those nasty things.

I use a sponge to apply this. You can use a brush but I think my skin prefers sponges for a better coverage.

On the other hand, I’ve also tried this BB Mousse or UV Under Base Mousse from Shu Uemura:

shu uemura uv under base mousse, by hyphen

The shade is Beige. I only used this for a week or so then stopped because my mentor noticed that my face became really dark. I was soooo ashy! Too bad as I really enjoyed using it. It didn’t give me rashes, the scent is good and I  only need a small amount to cover my entire face. It’s also light and gives my face a fresh feeling. But, it’s also quite pricey at Php2,000+.  I’ll just use this on special clients.

I’d like to try other BB Creams that are good for super sensitive, super acidic skin. Recommendations are very much appreciated!


  1. ahhhh!!! the bobbi brown bb cream again LOL! x) so tempting. must resist.. xD

  2. Wow! I didn't know Bobbi Brown has BB cream..I love Bobbi's jar concealer, they are THE BEST! Are there a lot of shade to choose from for their BB cream? I'm so wanting to try this soon..Thanks for the review..^_^~

  3. You're welcome Janet! Hope the BB cream works out well for you too!



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