Saturday, July 16, 2011

Guess who visited Hyphen?

First of all, I am very thankful and grateful to the Lord for all the success that Hyphen is experiencing. To Him I give all the glory.

I am super, super tired but I just had to blog this. If you’re a regular of this blog, you’d know that Hyphen already has celebrity clients. This time around at SuperSale Rockwell Tent, BLOGGERS invaded Hyphen!

me and liz at supersale, by hyphen
Liz of Project Vanity

This will  be my signature pose for all three photos! My back is killing me already! LOL.

Liz told me that she is a regular visitor of Hyphen online. We both know each other through our blogs so we talked about things like we were friends already but in reality, it was the first time that we met.
me and lauren at supersale rockwell, by hyphen
Lauren of iambourgeois
Lauren was a surprise visitor. I introduced myself to her  and we talked a little. I wasn’t able to talk to her as much as I wanted to because the booth was swamped with customers when she arrived. I had to ask her to wait for our photo-op. Good thing she was really sweet about it.
me and kari at supersale rockwell, by hyphen
Kari of Pretty Owlsome
Lastly, the super duper sweet Kari! I saw her walking past our booth but we had customers so I wasn’t able to call her. Fortunately, she came back so I called her. We chatted a little but again, our booth was swamped so I asked her to wait for our photo. Kari was like a breath of fresh air. I was already tired because of the day’s events and I was wearing these new wedges that I bought (more on that later) which didn’t help make the situation better. When Kari left, I was energized again. She is super sweet and super nice (please pardon all the ‘supers’  as my brain is already in hibernate mode). I’d love to spend more time with her to get to know her better. I think we will be good friends, just like Kitten and moi. Before he left, she didn’t forget to say bye to me. Kari, I hope I can see you again in a less stressful environment! Thank you for visiting and thanks for your purchase!
And I saw another blogger, Michelle of Mitchwearsclothes! Oh, yeah! I saw you! As a matter of fact, I’ve seen you in all my bazaars! I wasn’t able to call you earlier because of all the customers. I hope we can chat next time!
Thank you to all the bloggers who visited, to all our customers and friends who continue to support Hyphen!


  1. Awww! Glad to have helped lift your spirits! :) Would love to hang out with you and Kitten sometime soon. Thank you for the NYX lipstick--I still haven't swatched it, I want to take pictures first :)) That means I might go back to blogging soon, crossing fingers.

    In love na ko with Steady As She Rose. Work-safe ba ang Mermaid's Tears? Hala haha antayin ko nga muna paycheck ko :))

  2. awww blogger love is everywhere! i hope to see you soon at bazaars E! :)

  3. @Kari: Yes, work-safe ang Mermaid's Tears! Type ko nga rin un eh! Glad you like it! Blog na Kari!

    @Sugar: You too! I went to Paul & Joe today! Naholdap nila ako! Ikaw talaga, bad influence! =P

    @Cafemobility: Thanks dear!



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