Monday, July 11, 2011

Deep Blonde

I bought this Laura Mercier Eyebrow Kit a long time ago when I was in search of my HG eyebrow kit.

laura mercier eyebrow kit, by bitsandtreats

It’s less than a thousand pesos and I thought that being a Laura Mercier product, it would be very good. It turned out fair. I keep having a hard time getting the powder to stick to my brush even with wet application. And that’s how I apply eyebrow powder. 

Just look at the powders:

laura mercier eyebrow kit in deep blonde, by bitsandtreats

They really look like they don’t want to budge right? It takes several swipes to make my eyebrows appear decent.

brows by laura mercier, by bitsandtreats

I’m not satisfied with how my brows look here but I guess, this is okay for young clients who just need a little bit of fixing on their eyebrows. My HG eyebrow powder is definitely Bobbi Brown.

By the way, Hyphen will be at the Blessings & Prosperity Bazaar on Ayala cor Rufino starting today til Friday. Our booth opens at 10 am. If any of you see me, please say hi!


  1. I find filling up my (non-existent) brows the most challenging part of all when it comes to applying makeup. :o

  2. why "deep blonde"?

  3. too bad this didn't work for you E. i've never been much of a laura mercier fan ever since hehe.

  4. haha! I forgot to say that the shade of this kit is Deep Blonde. Thanks for that Salmoncat!

  5. Sugar, I like their liquid foundation though. = )

  6. yes, i head laura mercier foundie, loose powder and foundation powder is good for keeping the oilies.

  7. i thought they have good products pa naman. speaking of laura, i like laura's secret camouflage 4 and cinema secret 19 because they are yellow based concealers. :)



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