Saturday, July 23, 2011

LA Colors Abstract Artist Palette

LA Colors artist palette abstract, by hyphen

“Oh wow”. That was the first thing I said when I swatched this palette.  This palette is absolutely cheap at only Php650 (at the Hyphen Store). It has 50 colors so that’s 13 pesos for each color. I was absolutely shocked when I touched one of the eyeshadows. It had a very creamy texture. When I swatched it on the back of my hand, it was love at first sight. The colors were so vibrant, so visible, even the white one. Even the other sellers in our bazaar gushed how pretty the colors were. Just one swipe and the color payoff was great. Pigmentation, obviously, is great.
LA Colors artist palette low light swatch, by bitsandtreats
low light swatch
I used this today when MB and I went out. We spent the whole morning driving and in the afternoon we went to MOA to attend to some business. When I got home, my pink eyeshadow was still very pink! This does not happen with my ELF palette. I used this with Money from my UD <3 NYC palette and it held up pretty good. As a matter of fact, Money was drowned by the black Bobbi Brown eyeliner and the Pink LA Colors eyeshadow.  Money was still visible but it was overpowered by the other colors.
low light swatch 2, by bitsandtreats
low light 2
Dare I say that this is comparable to Urban Decay eyeshadows? Yes! With the texture and pigmentation, absolutely! I’m not saying this because Hyphen carries this product. This is truly what I feel about this palette. I didn’t have high expectations for this palette because of the price but now I’m a believer.
LA COlors artist palette with flash, by bitsandtreats
with flash
I can guarantee that it does not fade easily because:
1. I only used Benefit Lemon Aid (also available at Hyphen) as a base. (Most of my eyeshadows do not last long with Lemon Aid.)
2. I swatched all the colors on my arm and I already wiped my arm several times with the Beauty Bar Brush Cleaner (yeah, I know. More on that later.) and I even sprayed it directly to the colors but they are still visible. I will have to wipe them off with a good makeup remover later.
with flash 2, by bitsandtreats
with flash
with flash 3,by bitsandtreats
with flash
I used my Sigma E55 brush to apply this on my eyelid. I tapped off my brush once then applied the eyeshadow to my lid. There were no fallouts. The eyeshadow glided on smoothly. The color was also balanced and it stayed on. Some of my eyeshadows (like NYX and ELF) do not look balanced on my lid. The color on one side would be more pronounced so I have to do several layers. With the LA Colors e/s, it was flawless. It also reminds me of my Wet n Wild palettes.
Here are closeup photos:
LA Colors artist palette in abstract swatch closeup, by bitsandtreats

That pink is absolutely gorgeous! It reminds me of NARS Schiap.

closeup 2, by bitsandtreats

Because it has minimal to zero fallouts, it did not give my eyes any allergic reactions. The NYX palette is harsh on my eyes. The ELF palette makes my eyes itchy when the powder comes into contact but this palette was A-okay.

By the way, this palette is Abstract. There’s another one that’s called Inspiration. Here it is:

LA Colors artist palette inspiration, by hyphen

Both are available at Hyphen! Okay, I’m going to stop waxing poetic about this palette now. If you want to try this palette or other LA Colors palettes, just visit Hyphen.

About the Brush Cleaner, I finally found a use for it! It’s good for removing eyeshadow on my fingers when I swatch a new product. Finally, I can get rid of this cleaner!


  1. LOL on the brush cleaner thought dear.

    this does look like a good palette! :) i suppose anyone who wants to start a makeup collection ought to try this.

  2. wow. that palette surely is amazing. naku naku kung di lng nagbubudget. sis EOTD ka pag may time.. im just learning on eye makeup. tutorials really do help me a lot!

  3. The colors are so vibrant. And for the price, it's perfect for those who are starting to practice with makeup. :)

  4. is it shimmery o matte? sorry, i cant tell kasi sa pics.. thanks!



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