Sunday, July 31, 2011

Deep Clean?

I don’t think so. Y’all know that I use Clinique’s 3-Step System but a few weeks ago I developed rashes and a few pimples so I tried using this:

neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser, by bitsandtreats

Huge mistake. I ended up with more rashes and pimples that covered  half of my right cheek and my chin. I only used this for 4 days and ended up like that. I stopped using it and went to Clinique for a consultation. Turns out, my skin is Type 3 now. It’s because of the changing weather. They gave me samples and I tried them and I’m happy to report that I only have a few rashes left.

I really feel bad about this product as it’s very affordable, it has a nice smell and I really feel that it would have been great had I had normal skin.

So I guess the moral of the story for me is to not try any other product and just stick to what works. Have you ever had a product disaster like mine?


  1. I def agree with you on this! I tried this cleanser from AVON that has witchhazel...and it said that it will reduce oiliness in my face. I just ended up with 4 HUGE pimples in my jawline and a big one on my chin. I just wasted my money for nothing :(

  2. this doesn't work for me too E. :(

  3. that's really bad. i hate wasting money. now it's just sitting in the bathroom.



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